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  • Absolutely ludicrous amount of light

    posted by jsnider

    Purchased with SKU 39974 and SKU 12834, together they make an absolutely ludicrous amount of light.
    Be warned, shield your eyes.
    Would make a great light over a work bench.
    I purchased this to experiment with replacing projector bulbs with cheaper, longer lasting units. Effectiveness will depend on the projector used, compact portable projectors are difficult as they have too small an area for catching light to use an unfocused light, SKU 12834 is the incorrect style of lens to focus the light beam.
    Unbelievable light output but cooling needs to be considered very carefully.
  • Bright & hot

    posted by Flyowynd

    Very bright, cannot be sure it achieves 3800 lumen but can be compared to 3 XT60 which produce 1000 lumen each.Work with 36V power supply which is better than some new cree array that requires 45V.
    Good to provide a lot of light in a small place but definitly not recommended for a flashlight.Better for outside lamp or to replace some bulb where you can find a proper power supply.
  • bright as hell

    posted by ronald1705

    It is bright as the sun and you can illuminate bigger rooms without any difficulty. Outdoor it reaches about 50m in a wide angle without any optics. The colortemperature is as expected.
    It hurts to look directly at the light, even 20 minutes after.
    If you need it, buy it. sku.47304 is a good Driver for it.
    And donnot forget to get a big heatsink.
  • Works well on solar cell power system

    posted by qwerty12245

    Lots of light for a small cellar room.
    Im running this to light a 5m2 cellar room under cool conditions. Power source is a solar power system, with voltages 12,5-14,5V. Im running it togheter with SKU 13557 for voltage regulation. I mounted it on an aluminum CPU cooling ribs with thermal grease SKU 48429. Runs are usually only a few minutes, but Ive also had run times of a few hours. Light color is probably more to the yellow than warm white.
    Good product under the above stated conditions.
  • Works

    posted by cousineau

    Just like the other LEDs except no phosphorus so it doesn't output white light. I needed pure blue for an application so I bought a few of these. Very bright blue light, although the eye isn't particularly sensitive to blue so it doesn't look nearly as bright as the white. These hold up well even if you accidentally reverse the polarity, or if you forget to turn the fan on for the heatsink.
    I use old P4 or Athlon heatsinks with the fans to keep these cool and it works very well. Even without the fan, they seem to survive but really do heat up.
    If you need the pure blue, these work well.

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