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led metal strip

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led metal strip Customers Reviews

  • So very cold and bright

    posted by llasher

    Cold white light
    A good price for a 3 emitter cold white LED. The strip is a good form factor: attaches easily to an aluminium strip heatsink type deal that you can DIY (I bought some alum L shaped stock from the local hardware chain).
    They call these street lights. I call it street life, like in the song. I had to dremel a bit, I can't understand why the lens screw holes don't align with those on the aluminium base of the LEDs.
  • Outstanding!

    posted by Zaphod1000

    Very bright, compact, nice colour temperature. Almost twice the brightness of an 11 Watt T5 fluorescent under cupboard lamp (measured with a light meter).T5 at work area: 360 LuxLED strip at work area: 670 LuxT5 at front edge of work area: 190 LuxLED strip at front edge of work area: 340 LuxT5 at South side 600mm off centre: 90 LuxLED strip at South side, 600mm off centre: 120 Lux
    Heat sink required. She who must be obeyed loves the compactness of the LED strip. She loves the colour temperature, which enhances the look of her kitchen cupboards. Finally, an LED that can really replace a 50 Watt halogen!
    I'm putting these puppies up all over the place. Maybe even in the workshop.
  • Thin yet bright

    posted by SamQu

    - Very thin light but packs a surprising punch.
    - Has a nice construction with some plated tabs that are super easy to solder to.
    - Very bright, would light up a small room no problem.
    This is not to be confused with an LED strip in any way, this has some serious power unlike the low wattage SMD LED's of the strips out there.
    Not necessarily a con or pro but this throws light everywhere, it's design means you can readily put any lens on it so if you want broad and wide lighting this is good.
    Excellent product for the money but people have to either watch the voltages or have a current regulator.
    In many applications this could be a very usefull item.
  • Outstanding!

    posted by Zaphod1000

    Possibly the best strip light DealXtreme sells. Very bright, very reasonable power consumption and dissipation. Glue to metal or, in my case, direct to a stone under bench. I'm going to stick 'em everywhere. In the pantry, under the kitchen cupboards, in the workshop - the possibilities are endless. My next door neighbour popped in for a visit, took one look and handed me 150 Bucks and asked me to buy a whole bunch of them. He will be putting them in his camper/trailer. They are just incredibly versatile and seemingly quite robust and well made. Buy one (or more). You will not regret the decision.
    A 3.3 Ohm resistor limits current to a safe level (@ 12 Volts), keeps power dissipation to very acceptable levels and still allows useful light output. With a decent heat sink, that resistor can be dropped to a little less than 1 Ohm.
    Buy one. You will not regret it.
  • Not Bad

    posted by jasonlepak

    The light is very bright and very low cost compared to what you'd find trying to buy something like this in the states.Easy to solder leads or wires to and can be chained together to make a very bright multi strip light.
    I'm definitely going to be buying more like this one in the future.Might even do my whole house with LED's through DX.com

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