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led magnifier Customers Reviews

  • Does it´s job, easy to use

    posted by Juurinen

    + Easy to use, does it´s job.+ Cheap price.+ Bright led lights
    This isn´t ment to be a professional tool but works well if you need to fix watches or do something similar occassionally.
    All in all a decent tool for a hobbyist. For professional use I would buy a more robust and durable tool. I use this occassionally to fix watches.
  • 20X glasses

    posted by focuse24

    Good quality, very usfull for all watch repairs jobs,or any other jobs like electronic, boards examin and repair. The light is very bright and well strong You can adjust it to any face as well.
    Good solution for any one who dealing with watch repairs or delicate electronics or CBs. Worth to pay somme more for this one instead using the ordinery watch repair magnify lens.
    I recomend it for people dealing with delicat repairs.
  • Glass lens, solid case

    posted by juanjosan

    The magnifier I received have 2 plano-convex glass lens with low aberrations and good color. Magnification is around 3X each (focal distance 75mm), and lens diameter is around 23mm.When closed the lens are well protected but some dust or sand can enter inside. The plastic body looks solid and good.Light color and intensity is very good too.
    I would prefer a magnifier similar to this one, but with bigger lens, around 35-40mm. Better dust protection would be appreciated too.
  • Magnifierglas with LED

    posted by Tomasweden

    Made of glass. The LED gives a smoth well spread light.Generally a good design
    I am happy for the product, well worth the price. The magnifier are made of glass so stronger than plastic that use to easily get scratches. The LED lights are well spread and gives a smooth useful light. There are two levels for the LED light but not much difference in strength
    Its a good price and a good product so I am happy I bought it
  • Very handy to carry in a wallet or bag

    posted by SarCarstic

    This little card has proven to be very handy. It actually does fit in a wallet quite well, I carry it around in my small bag, and I have found use for it quite a few times - to do up the screws in my glasses when one fell out, used the tweezer to remove a splinter etc. There are so many uses
    I really like this, as mentioned I have found a lot of uses for it, and it saves having to go search for a tool when I am at home, and when out allows emergencies to be taken care of (like my glasses falling apart)
    Really handy, very cheap and worth having for those little things that crop up from time-to-time where you may need a small tool, or torch.

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