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  • Very good flashlight

    posted by ZiZitmm

    -- Extremely bright white light.
    -- Useful Hi/Mid/Low modes.
    -- Great price. It would be more expensive to buy components separately to make such flashlight.
    -- Small size and light weight.
    -- Rather good quality.
    -- Uses 250 mA in Hi mode, 150 mA in Mid mode and 30 mA in Low mode. The current driver gives 2A output.
    I carry it with me every time. You can also buy #SKU807 for carrying even in the bag or pouch. Very useful.
  • Update on A40B - 3.6v is the trick

    posted by azctflyer

    OK, this light seems to work MUCH better with the rechargeable CR123a batteries. Much brighter and the memory function now works as it should.
    Get charger #01236 and batteries #03273
    I'm a happy camper now... just use the higher voltage battery. OK now I type a bunch more so I can get to the 500 character minimum... OK now I type a bunch more so I can get to the 500 character minimum... what a pain
  • Extremely bright

    posted by gnolivos

    -Extremely bright.
    -3 brightness modes.
    -Very good build.
    -Compact size.
    -Perfect beam pattern.
    First of all, let's get this out of the way. This thing is a light cannon. The brightest mode is so bright that I would classify this as extremely dangerous if aimed at anyone's eyes. I know this is always an issue, but with this light I feel like it is 3x brighter than even my brightest light. I am truly afraid of using it with kids around.
    The only issue I am having with this light is in the way that the 3 mode operates. If you turn ON, and then lightly tap the clicker, it will rotate between the 3 modes. This is true, as long as you click within a short period of time of each other. Where's the issue? If you turn it ON, and then turn it OFF within say, 3 seconds, it 'believes' you where cycling to the next mode. So when you turn it ON the next time, it is one level dimmer. However, this is not a problem if you turn it ON, use it for a while, then turn it OFF. In this case it remembers the last mode (High Medium Low) it was on. I'm pretty certain this is how it operates, although sometimes even under extended ON time, I think I have it power up under the wrong mode. (not entirely sure about this).
    A word about modes: The high is extremely bright. Medium is (subjectively) about 70% brightness. Low is (subjectively) about 20% brightness.
    Beam pattern is terrific. The center spot is rather large and hot, but it has a very nice large even fade out halo around it. There is not an abrupt transition between center spot and halo (I dislike it when that occurs), but rather you get the effect of a very large beam pattern with a hotter center region. I have other lights that have a smaller center hotspot, and a very faint halo - this is not ideal for my particular needs.
    Great light. not the cheapest here at DX, but terrific build and beam pattern. I think I would have preferred no modes at all, given the nuances about the mode cycling described above.
  • great flashlight

    posted by spcfw

    5 modes , solid casing very durable
    they sell battery`s on dx
    the light is very bright high modes go for more then 50 feet
    fast strobe
    great price
    great discount when buying more then 1
    medium setting is most used
    for the price you get somewhat good quality
    most modes work no problems
    shipping was good
    customer service is great
  • Great narrow beamed bike lamp after a small tweaking

    posted by macgywer

    Lamp unit has a very rugged body and light is bright enought. Price is excellent.
    With some self-re-engineering great headlamp if you don't need wider beam. Definetely worth the extra work and it's price.


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