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led lumen 700 Customers Reviews

  • Good value for money, good build quality

    posted by nzdxer

    - Bright, reasonably well focused beam
    - Build quality appears good (thread is smooth, no visible tooling marks, no sharp edges)
    - Has memory function (sort of - if you switch it off, then switch it back on reasonably quickly, it advances to the next mode, whereas if you leave it off for a minute or two it will not advance)
    A great buy - especially considering the price.
    Measured with a multimeter, draws 2A on maximum brightness with a fresh battery.
    Good value for money
  • Very good Light Lamp Bulb

    posted by Mikhail123

    - A lot of light! This bulb is exceed my expectations from LED light bulbs. Compared to incandescent, this one shines like 60-70 watt.
    - Nice light color. But it not warm at all, I don't sure if DX sended to me bulb with warm light, and not mixed up with sku.57082. But light is great, pure white, not greenish at all.
    - Good build quality.
    - With this type of colour of light it's good to replace incandescent bulbs in places like Toilet room and bathroom. But the price...
    - Aluminum alloy shell is warmed up not too much, you can hold a hand on it
    - The light is more diffused, than a spot
    Great LED light bulb! If you does not confuse about the price, then you must have it.
  • Worth every buck!

    posted by ggmurder

    Works really nice... the plants are growing up real fast... I´m using 2 of this leds to fit my tank... it has 200L of water.... I still dont have a CO2 system on my tank and even my plants still growing a lot...The light of the second one I bought its a bit more blueish than the first.
    Before buying this leds, I was worried about the heat generated by the leds... I was thinking that the heat would change the water temperature... but it does not. the leds are about 10 cm far from the water.
    Buyt it! helps a lot on the growing process of the plantsSorry for any typos... english is not my native language!
  • Good for general lighting

    posted by Rusdy

    - Good quality heatsink: no burrs, no sharp edges
    - 3500K as it said
    - Frosted acrylic makes it good for soft lighting
    - Skinny and longer GU10 base -> this is IMPORTANT as lots of other GU10 bulbs (such as SKU80747 has short and stubby GU10 base, this will not fit to some GU10 housing!!)
    - Oversized heatsink (only warm after 3 hours of operation)
    - Brighter than my 9W compact fluoro GU10
    - If you want general omni-directional lighting, then buy this one
    - Definitely not for spot lighting
    - Definitely not a direct replacement for GU10 halogen due to size
    Dear DX,
    Please provide the bulb housing (with its excellent heatsink), also with the driver, as a bulb DIY kit.
    Oh, and please please please sell them with 4000K option, as I will definitely buy them.
    Your loyal customer
  • User

    posted by KorvinOHC2i

    Very good lamp for false ceilings. Good dispersion of light. The lamp eats approximately from 22 volt. Light temperature almost white. I have established such 8 lamps in a bathroom. Three lamps from other party also have an a bit bluish shade of a luminescence.
    The most important thing in these lamps - the EXCELLENT case with good transfer of heat and excellent scatterer of light. Besides I think that it would be good to apply the power unit distinct from that that goes in the complete set.
    Good choice for a bath or other small premises.


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