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Check out the great led lumen 3000k to see if there is any that suits you. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. led flashlight lumen or 10w led lumen contains many hot and popular products. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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led lumen 3000k Customers Reviews

  • A nice warm-white emitter

    posted by Zsolt2

    Nice tint. The slug is electrically isolated. I have bought 21 of them so far, for three applications:
    1. Upgrading the bathroom lighting to eliminate the need of frequent bulb changes. The bathroom lighting is a sort of application where the light source has to withstand both frequent swithching and longer run times and provide full brightness instantly. I spent many years trying to use CFLs as a replacement to incandescent lamps with little success. The CFLs with inductive ballast could provide good startup brightness but could not stand frequent swithching; the CFLs with electronic ballast had either poor or good startup brightness and lasted longer than those with inductive ballast but still nowhere close to their rated life span. The LEDs are ideal solution for this kind of application due to their immunity to service life reduction at frequent swithching and their very long service life. I think the service life of my new bathroom lighting will be determined primarily by the quality of the LED driver circuit board. I have bought an SKU 13690 driver circuit and will drive 7 LEDs off it.
    2. Even illumination of a long kitchen work table. For another 7 LEDs driven by an SKU 13690 I found a good use as a lighting solution for the kitchen work table that is standing near the wall and there is a long cupboard suspended over it. The advantage of the LEDs in this application is that one can distribute the LEDs along the full length of the table and use the bottom of the cupboard to mount the LEDs over the table. The power consumption of this solution is much less than when using a long fluorescent tube for even light distribution.
    3. Decorative illumination of indoor flowers and plants. I have built 1 spotlight using this LED with an SKU 13741 and 12193, and I find the light pattern to be suitable for decorative plant illumination. I am going to buy more SKU 13741s and build a number of spotlights driven by one common circuit board. That will have a very good energy efficiency for a spotlight and will be cheap to run.

    I will post photos as soon as these things are done.
    This LED and the other components sold on this site for building a custom lighting solution of it are very good value for money.
  • All leds light the same. None of them is burned.

    posted by expresas

    This bulb gives bright light comparable to a 40W incandescent bulb, but only uses +-3W, so it saves money, lots of money... Good to study or cabinets, very good for other rooms. Lights up instantaneously. Produces less heat than any other bulb.
    All led bulb containing leds light the same. None of them is damaged / burned.
    Just buy it, replace your old bulbs for this stylish leds.Leds are the future, you can have the same ammount of light spending 10 times less energy and money.
  • Good replace ment for 10w halogen bulb

    posted by ruud68

    Good build quality, G4 = G4 so no bending of the pins is needed. Pins are larger and thinner then other LED pins so they fit easily.
    They have a little special effect that (for me) adds value: they replace 20 10 watt halogen bulbs and because there are 13 single leds on one light it gives a special effect when looking at the light: it has in total 260 light dots!
    Very good quality LED light, used to replace 10 watt halogen bulb. You may need to replace the trafo with a decent LED driver though as these LED use a small fraction of the power that a halogen bulb does.
  • Very good bulb!

    posted by Sampoki

    - Very nice white warm color, not blue, not green - Very bright! Brighter than 40W halogen- Good spot lamp, does not give much light around
    I was surprised how bright this 5W led light was...
    Very good color to the eye and bright as hell. I think this is better spot light than SKU 81005 (http://www.dx.com/p/gu10-5w-3500k-450-lumen-5-led-warm-white-light-bulb-85-265v-81005). Better color and much brighter.
  • Good quality light

    posted by Manok

    The colour is a nice warm white which is quite pleasant. It does have a slight green tinge but it's not very noticable. It's almost an exact match to the much more expensive bulbs I currently use.
    A decent quality light bulb with a pleasant warm white colour

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