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led lumen 20w

You'll find the best led lumen 20w for you here. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! led 300 lumen and led e27 lumen are the hottest keywords that customer use. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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led lumen 20w Customers Reviews

  • It's great LED

    posted by Mawco

    Most powerful LED for price on DX. It has very nice light color. It is pure yellow in the sideways and the cold white in center. Alltogether is very close to dayligh, maybe little more warm. I can say its true 1600lm. Compared with other 10W LED /400lm and this one is 3-4 brighter without doubt.
    Very bright output with very decent color for very good price... what more we should want? Only if it doesn't produce so much heat...
    Worth every € that i paid... Buy it if you need plenty of light for unbeatable price.
  • focused one point, warm.

    posted by ghandiano

    Very good if you want to illuminate a holley, or to a long distance because the light is very focussed in one point
    Very brigt, great to work because tou have a focussed high power lamp that does not tur too much heat like an halogen lamp, so you can took it with your hands directly
  • Very good 20W LED matrix

    posted by OjajOjajun

    The LED matrix is made very much qualitatively. Phosphorus layer uniform in structure and thickness. Heat conductivity of the base more than sufficient.
    I understand that the manufacturer strictly adheres to technology of the designer of matrixes. But I am sick and tired for waiting of right technological steps from designers. So, if the manufacturer wants some improvement in efficacy, color rendering and life - I know how. One additional technological step only...
    Grab it, use it, but only with huge heatsink! Maximum temperature for such devices - 90C on the base.
  • Bright white with a little blue tint.

    posted by subatomik

    Relatively low power consumption compared to incandescent and xenon. Fairly compact size. I tested it (temporarily without heat sink) from the DC adapter 12V 3000mA. I do not advise to look at him at this point!I ordered it with High Performance Aluminum Heatsink Radiator - Golden (45 x 45 x 10mm). Plan is to set the spotlight on my Yamaha moped! Think will shine as a locomotive!
    Recommend this product to all who love to create their own something new and exciting!
    Buying satisfied! True thermal grease which I also ordered has not yet been received. And in general I think this store is one of the best in the network with respect to electronic components!
  • Cheap and extreme bright light!

    posted by Perkelehnet

    The light is incredibly bright! I was shocked when I first plugged in the LED Driver (not included)
    It's big, wich was unexpected, but still good.
    I'm going to use this LED outdoor, outside of my garage. Connected to a motion detector, it'll turn on when I arrive with my car, and light up the area. Perfect, I assume :-D
    I bought the LED Driver (sku.42741) for this item, and it fits perfectly.
    Incredibly bright, I have to say it again..
    Including LED Driver and heatsink, you'll get a BRIGHT LED-light for under 30$!

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