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led light water Customers Reviews

  • Not Perfect Quality.

    posted by freeform

    Pair this with the remote IR switch and you've got yourself a cheap very cool looking light.
    I have 2 of these in my apartment, I used to have 2 before in an old house, behind tv's etc - the quality of those was better.. I'm a little worried that dust or something might get into these and short it out or something. It's great for a cheap project, but nothing professional.
    Buy it if you want a cheap LED strip light.
  • Most powerful bicyckle light, great price.

    posted by banuazizi

    There are two brightness settings: bright and normal (also a blinking bright light). On normal brightness, it's about 10x the brightness of my older white (LED x3) bike lamp. It's incomparable to any other bike or even motorbike lamps. It's like taking a street lamp with you everywhere.
    The center of the light is very bright and very narrow. It could have been useful to be a little bit more wide or adjustable.
    If you ride bikes, get this and you will laugh how you got by with your old light. Bike lights are used for letting others know a bike is coming, not really useful for the cyclist to light up her/his path. This light does both.
  • Light rear.

    posted by rilentl

    Reasonable light, intermittent enough for good viewing ahead.
    The biggest problem is that the product could have option to insert battery. So imagine there is solar energy, how would the situation of needing to recharge at night?
    I recommend the product to be water proof, because it is compact, cool, and think no exaggeration, the product is enough to engage without concerns how to buy battery or commitments.
  • Nice and cheap

    posted by philrich123

    This head seems to be a good quality one even if made of plastic. It comes with a little filter sealed with the O-ring rubber join. The leds are quite bright so kids want to have they shower in the dark.
    It's a 15 leds shower head : 5 green, 5 blue, 5 red. The angle between the water inlet and the head output plan is approximatively 30°, for me if was a good point because the head is quite heavy and the weight help it to keep in place.
    It's a good stuff to order.
  • Great ittem

    posted by symon088

    Watch is a wonderful and fun and it is great ittem. It is made quite high quality. It's totally correct and error-free. Design is very fashionable. Watch showing the correct time. No time lag. It does not work too slow or too fast. It is true that is water ressistant..
    If we compare the quality of workmanship is very cheap clock. Battery operated, when I get time. Watch can easily be reduced.
    Exelent and fun ittem. I love design and lighting.. This watch is for all generation..

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