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You can easily find the latest low priced led light ultrafire offered at our online shop. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. You can find what you want at outdoor led lighting, led fog lights. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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led light ultrafire Customers Reviews

  • Great warm T6 Dropin

    posted by 4ngry

    It is a great replacement for acetylene or candle while making cave photos due its color. On middle and low modes its reasonably power-saving on 1 18650 battery.
    With Ultrafire WF-501B housing it becomes a good flashlight for your caving needs.
    I tried to buy additionally few of this, but they were not at the store. I would recommend this drop-in for everyone likes "warm lamp light".
  • So Bright!

    posted by robcr949

    This is an excellent drop-in, by far the brightest I've owned. I currently use it for a SureFire G2 LED that is mounted on my hunting rifle. I've had Q5's and R2's before but this is at least twice as bright. It even gives me around 50m of really good light with a green filter on.
    Comes better packaged than my other drop-ins. I'm so glad that DX offers these 1-mode drop ins, the 3- or 5-mode might be good as a comping light but they are useless for weapon mounting with a pressure switch.
    I recommend anyone who is thinking about getting an upgrade for their flashlight to get this drop-in, it's simply put amazingly bright and will give and old flashlight power that you did not think possible!
  • Efficient and very intensive beam

    posted by Conet

    1. Very very intensive beam
    - This enables this light very efficient and proper against road traffic on the road.
    - Nice and strong safety measure for road bike riders without searing eyes of incoming traffic.
    - Low angle and low height installation: This is very good for minivelo or travellers(fork light adatper is recommended)
    2. Efficient reflector
    - Almost no light is wasted by the reflctor and the crown.
    3. Standard size hardware
    - I changed and replaced the adapter for my bike very easily. The bolt can be replaced with one usually used for computer or others. Just use some Loctite for stable installation.
    1. If you're an MTB rider, pls consider the characteristics of the reflector.
    2. This light has fuel gauge but will not work with the battery pack. This seems to be designed for low-voltage configuration.
    3. Pls, turn off the light when you stop.
    Intensive spot light
    This will enables various lighting configurations with other bike lights thanks to its quite special characteristics of the reflector.
  • Bright drop in for UF 302B

    posted by lasermanathome

    Gives much light, the lower power modes come in handy.There is really a T6 inside.Throw in very good.Does not become overheated.
    The overkill T6 leds does not have to work on its max, like driving 60miles an hour in a Ferrari...So the led will last for ever, i think.The driver does not give much current, t6hat why the drop in is not so bright but 500 lumen out of an UF 302....For its performance it is a cheap and good drop in
  • Excellent product

    posted by thepeck

    Simple, smart and small. Doesn't impose on the looks of classy bikes.Replacement batteries are easily fitted and very cheap too
    There is little I can say about such a simple product.Simple, smart and small and highly recommended.
    Buy the front and back together along with replacement batteries

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