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Finding your favorite led light strip remote is easy in our product catagories. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. You can also browse 220v led strip light, 3m led light strips. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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led light strip remote Customers Reviews

  • Great product, but handle with care

    posted by mrnmrnmrn

    * really bright!
    * paper thin strip, with the LEDs sitting only around 1mm proud
    * when you reconnect power, the unit comes up in the same state (ie powered up or not; same program and settings)
    * there are a number of programs, hittin a single button on the remote moves to the next program in sequence
    - single fixed colour (green, blue, cyan, red, yellow, magenta, white)
    - flashing green red blue in sequence
    - flashing green red yellow blue cyan magenta white in sequence
    - fading up green, holding, fading out then repeating for red, then blue, and so on
    - fading up green, into yellow, into red, into magenta, into blue, into cyan, into white, then to black, and repeating
    * 16 brightness levels, from very dim but increasing quickly (so there is little difference between the last few). Brightness only applies to the fixed and flashing programs, not the fading programs. When changing brightness, the new level fades up (or down) over around a second
    * The flashing and fading programs have configurable speed, from many flashes per second (or a complete rainbow fade over around 3 seconds) to very slow (taking around 30 seconds per colour in the rainbow fade)
    * clearly marked on the back of the strip if you want to cut off 3-led sections if you need less than a full metre
    * self-adhesive strip is already applied to the back of the light strip
    * DX really need to pack these better, the paper-thin strip can't stand being creased or crushed in the post
    * remote unit differed slightly in design but had same 6 buttons:
    - on/off (red one, top left)
    - "menu" which cycles through the programs (see below)
    - brightness + and -
    - speed + and -
    * strip is prewired with 30cm leads into 4-way connector
    * control box has 20cm lead to 4-way connector, 1m power lead (bare ends)
    * IR receiver was supposed to be glued to side of control box as pictured, but this was detached when it arrived. It should be easy to extend the wires and site the receiver further away from the control unit.
    * LED Strip has common anode (+12v) and separate cathodes for red,green,blue, like many other RGB strips. (you can see this if you zoom into the closeup picture of inside the control box with the lid removed)
    * Great remote control unit
    * Strip is fragile, but should be better once you stick it in place
    * Bargain price for 1m including the control (compare to prices others charge for just 30cm)
  • original one

    posted by elomy2010

    Its small and lightweight, has plenty of buttons to use. The connection to the led stripe was the one i needed so thats perfect for me. I connected to a 5m RGB 5050 led stripe and it works great!
    None, they work and that's what matter. Couldn't fit me better.They are great.
    Good clean fun for messing around with LEDs!Its a good choice for you, the price and the benefits are really good.
  • Fun to have

    posted by obucinac

    All-in-one and works-out-of-the-box package (strip, controller, remote, power adapter). There is not many packages like this.Controller & remote with a lot of options.Very bright.Vivid colors.Additional power supply connector provided, probably for connecting to a battery source.
    72W of LED light is A LOT. Depending on a space where You want to use it, or the way You mount it, You may end up with too much light if you do not carefully estimate you needs. E.g. my room of 5,4 x 3,5 x 2,5 meters (LxWxH) appears to be large enough for this light power, for a warm and friendly atmosphere.
    I will buy another one.
  • Bright lights, nice effects, fixable remote

    posted by acidratio

    300 bright LEDs on tape strip with 3M self-adhesive. Flash effects are superior to other similar products in that you get a "moving" sequence option in addition to the fade and strobe effects. My DVD remote, old VCR remote, and current cable box remotes also control the light effects.
    The item comes without an AC/DC adapter. If you're somewhat of an electronics rat pack geek like me, then you should already have some old adapter in your arsenal. I had 18 in my collection with different outputs for volts & amperes. I found one with 12Vdc and 1.2 Amps was the best to use. It lit the lights as brightly as they could get without heating them up too much.
    Once you fix the wiring in the remote and tape strip, all buttons work perfectly and as they are noted. The dancing flash effects and closely positioned LEDs make this a better deal than other similar items on DX. I'm very satisfied with the product considering its cost.
  • really nice!

    posted by kprzywara

    Great price, great waterproofing shell. Easy to cut and re-join (if you can get used to soldering), bright (can be dimmed as needed), awesome selection of colors, remote is great
    I highly recomment this LED strip for anyone who is looking to accentuate their home.
    Installed it under my kitchen cabinets to provide the light I really needed. Kitchen looks amazing now..


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