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led light set

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led light set Customers Reviews

  • Cheap lights

    posted by JamesQ

    Bought these a few months ago, because everybody needs lights on his bicycle.
    I have just bought sku.51737 and would suggest you to buy these, decent build quality, more visibility.
    Go for the sku.51737
  • Very bright and useful but not very durable

    posted by AlamK

    1. Very bright.
    2. 3 Modes, just about right!
    3. A selected mode in combination of its brightness can be found that works well at any time of the day or night.
    Remedies to all issues discussed above are simple, especially at the time of production. But post-production, they are tedious and time consuming because they require disassembly, replacement of wires to better quality, redoing all the soldering, creating better seals, and fabrication a better mounting system.
    I suggest that the DX at the very least add a couple of tapped holes for screws on the mount and include a another aluminum half circle with holes on ends with 2 screws so those of us who are not interested in rubber bands, can permanently mount light on our bikes. I have made these modifications on mine after it shorted out after about 6 months. I have also started using a 2 cell battery pack. It has sufficient capacity to last as long or more as the 4-pack for the front light.
    It may be very useful to change the mounting system in a way that there is no need for external wires. An asymmetric screw-in wire from the battery could make the contact with two buttons (+ive and -ive) while keeping the entire system completely sealed. Removal of the battery would leave the light with nothing dangling that could be damaged by others.
    At the time when I purchased it, this was the brightest rear light I could find for bikes. But now there are several more options that seem more convenient, given the caveats listed above. Some of them are not too much more money.
    I have many bikes and in any given season, depending on the needs of the day, I ride about 3 of them. I would buy one for each bike and go for a permanent mounting, if DX improves the quality.
  • Best of all

    posted by NeoFX32

    > XM-L LED, it is way better than P7, more efficient and brighter, and has a better color.> Very nice Build Quality> Small battery pack, and weight 50% less than others (for me that is very important!).
    I like this bike light very much, I think this is the best of the best one around, so I would buy it again if needed, and would totally recommend it to a familiar or a friend.
    If you want to see in the dark better than people in their cars, buy this light!
  • what a great product

    posted by akatrueman

    great versatilitycheap pricelong battery life
    great product i love the versatility of being able to attach to my bike or use as a head lamp of real problem which wasn't much of a problem was it was a little awkward trying to place the battery pack when using head lamp a separate pouch already attached to headlamp or smaller Velcro to attach to headlamp would have been nice
    i really love this product use it almost everyday i would recommend it to anyone.
  • Works good for the price

    posted by Yamhp

    Cheap, flashlight metal material, cree led, hear light ok quality. The flashlight is really good but the cree led is small but the intensity of light is just ok
    Its much more better that All 5 led flashlight that you see on dx. Back light is just ok
    Good cost benefit relationship

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