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led light piece pack

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led light piece pack Customers Reviews

  • Nice color, bright, wide angle

    posted by amigaexpert

    - Nice red color, not too orange nor too dark- Wide opening angle- Nice brightness, even with only 100mA you won't look at it for more than a few seconds and it doesn't get too hot.- Clearly visible polarity marking "-"
    Were delivered loose in a bag, some lenses had scratches, but that doesn't make a problem, you won't see it in the light.The cooling pad is isolated, so i'll solder it to a copper pad, too.
    If you need bright and red, use these!Excellent value for money.
  • Good for the price

    posted by godjy

    The emitted light is white ,for those who like white light. 270 Lumens is accurate per bulb comparing with other bulbs.
    You may use them wherever there is no can bus or other system for burned light.
    I would reccomend these for the guys that don't have 'burned bulp recognision system'. they shine pretty good with white light , and make sure you have a place to fit them ,bit long .
  • Actinic Grade 1W LED Salt Water Aquarium

    posted by ElectroMojo

    The Spectrum around 420NM is spot on ... flourecence is spectacular. The light quality is quite remarkable. I have 3 of them running in a 17G tank and the result it superb. I would defintely recommend these for Salt Water Aquarium use.LED's stay quite cool too. The Lens is clear and construction quality is acceptable for building products.
    Being a component make sure you undertand LED power requirements before you order LED's
    I recommend these for LED ACTINIC light for Coral's in Salt Water Aquarium Use.
  • good price

    posted by ncjsvr

    Good price, good led, i´d bought a time ago and i do it again.THe light is constant and work very well betwen diferent temperature.the ship is very fast, incluse in christmas timethe product meets the specifications and am using with intensive
    Dx have a good product, i dont have problem with anything.they have very care and send all thing with its proteccions, all product arrive in perfect condition.
    price, quality and price,
  • Nice 1/2 watt warm white led

    posted by lasermanathome

    Nice lightcolor, like an old type lightbulb 2700K.Very bright certainly compared to it's size.Almost 180 degree light.Can be focussed by reflector or lense.The output in lumen is almost 50 lumen 1/2 watt. current about 150mA thats 8 times as much as normal 5 mm led
    needs cooling by coolant/ aluplate for full output.the lightzone is square not the full size emits the full light.perfect as a front bike light, gives more light than the normal 6V1/2A bikelightbulbs!!!!You can use four (two in serie and two strings antiparallel) when used with a bike dynamo (generator) and 30 ohms in serie or better an ac-dc current source.
    Nice to build e10 lightbulb with them.you can use them in old type flashlight, even the lightcolor is the same.the efficiency is about 20-30 times as high as a bikebulb!


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