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led light module

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led light module Customers Reviews

  • good solid design

    posted by omega777

    good design, easy to use and set up, very strong light output, good hot spot with no dark patch, low power draw
    i bought this to make a torch with my nephew, used pvc pipes as the body a 12v switch in the tail and some perspex as the lens. im using six D cell batteries connecting them directly to this module (thats 9v DC) and it works great, doesnt over heat has a really long battery life (of course) and puts out heaps of light. he wasnt allowed to take it on his school camp to a zoo because they thought it would blind the animals
    if your using it for an upgrade or making a torch from scratch this is a great module to use
  • Nice color

    posted by DaBzzz

    Unit consists of a blue LED and a yellowish conversion lens, making some thinner ~410nm emission line and a much broader band, covering everything from green-yellow to deep red. Overall a very nice color if you want pink ;)
    Fast shipping, came in shielding bag. Lens looks firmly attached and didn't get off when I tried.Besides, the LED starts glowing at 2.3V and reaches rated output power at 3.5V / 0.8A.
  • it is very good

    posted by maxi06

    very gooooooooooooooood light and so much easy to install . Very bright led .low price .it is perfect to use in DIY system .very low consumption .
    high-power LED is very efficient, Very good luminance compared to normal 70w light bulb don't create a spot like the normal spotlight . The luminance is very smooth.I realized that really, I mean really, diminished the electricity bills by replacing the halogen bulbs with LED bulbs
    very good quality and quite cheap compared to their counterparts of the same quality .
  • Daylight LED...

    posted by wampyz

    high-output relative to the colour temperature... convenient cob panel allows for easy heat-sinking when driven at maximum current... good light beam divergence...
    used two of these to retrofit a burned out standing torchiere lamp... powered by an old 12V 1.6A switching power supply from an old networking appliance... if you've got standard ceilings, two is probably all you'll need... might need to add a third panel or a diffuser to spread the light out more if you have very high ceilings...
    great component for retrofitting to LEDs...
  • Very Bright!!! seems like more then 270Lm

    posted by TIPtheTOE

    Very Bright Seems like more then 270 Lumens, Has a very Bright White Light And don't look into the light too long very blinding intense light
    Very Small, Can fit any where A real Good place would be Under the Trunk & inside car & House lighting, will fit just about any where
    Gets kind of Warm,May Require Heat Sink Possible if on for long Operation or On for a long time

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