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led light laser

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led light laser Customers Reviews

  • Great Pen

    posted by ksenchy

    It's an aluminum pen with 3 in 1 functionality as along the function has a built in LED light and a laser diode (tough a weak one, didn't yet measure it's output power)... anyway forget about seeing the laser dot after 100m, but that's ok for showing something on a presentation slide or on blackboard... this is also an pros, as it can't damage your eyes :)
    It was somewhat worth buying it.
  • great laser beam

    posted by neosp1

    excellent price, build quality is great, no loose parts ( if you shake it you wont hear any sound, great for fun, if you need some light just click, if you have dubious money just use your dark light and verify, strong beam, the red dot don't expand to much
    i believe that this laser have 5mW of power so you can point far away, try to use the laser in a field with planted cereals the effect is great, the white light is perfect to see you keys at night, the dark light is really nice
    great for fun in day light or night, durable, good look, it can be handy is some situations
  • Great laser tail light

    posted by vvladan

    I used this lights for whole year. Drove thousands of kilometers with it. Light is great. It makes you very visible on the road. Everybody got impressed and looking after you when you drive. You can easily choose how many meters you wanna have laser lines behind you with just changing angle of mounting a bit. Laser and led lamps can be turned on or off independently.
    Batteries last long enough.
    Very pleased with this light. Proud owner
  • Cutest little light

    posted by gasbag11

    If you want a cute, little, light,this is it. And it's actually useful as a flashlight. Maybe about 10 lumens which is plenty for finding a keyhole in the dark, or something dropped under a car seat. It looks reasonably sturdy and the finish is nice.It's also small enough for a keychain. Both the light and the laser work well.
    It's much smaller than I imagined. The overview says 3.15 in. but mine is only 2.25 in. I was a little worried about it going through customs, but it's so small it would never be mistaken as a real gun.It has a real laser, so it's definitely not for little kids.
    I probably own around 80 flashlights, but this is now one of my most favorite. If ever breaks or gets lost, I will immediately order another one. I may order another one just for a spare. it's that cute.Highly recommended.
  • pricey but useful

    posted by zhoen

    First of all: The light works!!! the LED are bright enough, the laser works, is is hard to not to see the bike at night. The quality is also better than others
    The lamp has several mode of blinking, wich is good!
    I like it, but I feel it a little bit overpriced.


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