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led light headlamp

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led light headlamp Customers Reviews

  • rewiew

    posted by danbuk117

    easy to use (just fit in reflector and conncet three wires), high brightness (compared to my previous 25 watt clasic bulb), energy saving (i spared 10 watts)
    It works from 6 volts to 24 volts DC or AC. Must not be connected to more than 30 volts. It is cooled by fan but still be aware of closing it to headlight without some airflow. I think without airflow it can be overheated easily.
    I used it for my 70`s Czechoslovakian 50 ccm Jawa 50/23 motorcycle witch has 25 watt headlamp with clasic bulb. This is great improvement, now I can see much more at night, not just my front wheel.
  • I hope for a decent quality

    posted by carcarepro

    The assessments made me, can still be considered in advance...Buy, more precisely, we have even bought these led bulbs with the hope that they will be better my previous purchases.
    Certainly satisfied with the quality of purchased goods, I will definitely recommend it not only to my friends and acquaintances, but to my customers. Wait and see... HJ, don't let me down!
    Being a partner's Why, of course, I am also interested in the fact that sellers are responsible for the quality of its products.
  • Switch button doesnt work

    posted by vch911

    Solid construction, lightweit, good plastic, waterproof, detacheable light module for hand operation.
    Wanted to have it for boating. Would be the good item if working as supposed.
    Don't buy it onless You're able to test and return.
  • I didn't read closely enough!

    posted by stunfire

    its a light and it works and easy to use. It's cheaper compared to the $30-60 headlights in MEC but probably not as strong.
    I wanted to get a head light for night reading. It will suffice for now but I don't like the red light.The headband is a simple elastic with plastic parts. not the most comfortable but not a big deal.
    Get one if you need it but read carefully!
  • Good build, easy of use...

    posted by IronHeart

    The head-lamp is small and lightweight, the light is bright enough. Head strap is fitting good.
    The missing clip is a little bit disturbing for me, because I use this lamp in the car and sometimes I need to mount it somewhere to bring a light in a specific place.
    For this price its a really good tool (if the clip isn´t missing).

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