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Every single led light e27 yellow displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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led light e27 yellow Customers Reviews

  • I use it every day for few hours and is still working fine.

    posted by pikeleto

    Nice light , I use it as auxiliar light , not to read , just to keep the main light off. I use it on my hall´s lamp while we are watching television.
    I bought others bulb on the pass and were really bad, they died in one month. So I decided to try this one and looks fine.
    Good , It´s still workining after a moth. I do not use it more than 1 hour per day .
  • Very cool, but not so bright

    posted by SMC74

    Very cool, you have 16 colors to choose, including options to automaticaly change, and turn on/off on remote control, or choose the intensity of the leds. The yellow lines creates a good looking effect. Compact format, fits on majory places of normal (incandescent) bulbs. Good material quality.
    A little expensive, but I like it.
    I recommend if you want just a decoration light.
  • Beautiful light

    posted by thany

    The light color that comes off of these lamps, is surpizingly nice. It's not as warm as an incandescant bulb, but it's close enough and definately outperfoms most LED lamps at similar price points, when it comes to warm color.Build quality is okay. It's plastic, but it's good plastic. I'm not sure the transparent part is of much use though.
    Please do use a fitting that has some kind of cover, as looking into LED lamps can hurt your eyes. Also because this lamp doesn't look particularly interesting.On the flip side, it means these lamps fit very well in flat fitting (like those round ones you see on ceilings).
    If you're looking for a LED lamp that lights in all directions and has nice color, go for this one. It just won't be as bright as you might expect.
  • Unusual but good...

    posted by Jemmauk

    Neat little bulb about the size of a thick whiteboard marker. Light output very good & almost perfect white. The arrays have a starfield effect - tiny regular brighter spots within the panels which is quite pretty.The bulbs are well made and are a bit of a change to the more usual multi led bulbs - they produce a more uniform light.Worth the price and worth using with transparent lampshades as the bulb itself is quite attractive to look at with the starfield effect. Recommended
    None really.
    Well worth the money & very good light output.
  • Perfect for my room

    posted by KnubbLe

    I've installed the light bulb on my desk lamp. Its brightness fits perfectly for working and the reflection lights the rest of the room (10 m2) with a nice warm tone. Its size is similar to classic bulb lights.
    It's been only 3 months since I have this one, so I can not tell if it's gonna last for what they promise.
    I'll be changing all my lights to LEDs progressively, as they are as bright and warm but much better in consumption and theorycally in durability too.

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