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  • Bright bulb, nice light for eyes

    posted by kinietis

    Good big lamp, that shines brightly and gives much light to your room. Has plastic casing and it protects led's form dust or damages. Light is soft, not blue cold an can be used in living rooms.
    No thoughts - it serves as lamp and gives light, so what else?
    Good lamp, good color, much light, worth to buy
  • Very nice light

    posted by Graven

    Very solidly build. Has a nice feel to it! Nice strong light beam produced. Has a great power factor when compared to other LED lights I have tested (this one is arond 90% PF which is excellent) In my testing it didn't get excessively hot.
    While I am awaiting a replacement I haven't been able to study it's internal design. However with a strong light output and great power factor I believe it's designed well internally. If I could find a use for these then I would definately buy more.
  • 6vdc Arrangement

    posted by apoapsis

    This preliminary assessment of powering all 225 (224?) LEDs with a 6vdc power cube (from 110 vac in my case) is based on powering two strings of 3 LEDs each (parallel) in series (6 LEDs total). Resulting current was 44.8 ma/3 = 14.9 ma at ~3 volts dc. The multiplying factor would be 225/6 = 37.5. 37.5 x .0448 = 1.68 A. This times about 6 volts yields about 10.08 watts, which is just about what we started with in the 220 volt configuration.
    Boards are arranged in groups of three LEDs. Vertical stick boards are easy to cut into groups of 3 & ^ total series / parallel. Top circular board requires more imagination.A hack saw lightly applied works great on the vertical sticks.
    I will return in a few weeks after I have a working 225 LED lamp using my 2A rated powercube.


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