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led light e27 15w

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led light e27 15w Customers Reviews

  • Very nice light

    posted by Graven

    Very solidly build. Has a nice feel to it! Nice strong light beam produced. Has a great power factor when compared to other LED lights I have tested (this one is arond 90% PF which is excellent) In my testing it didn't get excessively hot.
    While I am awaiting a replacement I haven't been able to study it's internal design. However with a strong light output and great power factor I believe it's designed well internally. If I could find a use for these then I would definately buy more.
  • Jumpers, etc for 120

    posted by apoapsis

    Can be slightly rewired for 120. See uploaded photo.
    Cut open white shell halfway up shell. This will expose circuit board in question.
    Be careful not to break ac power input wires, R & W. There is enough slack to pull the two parts of white shell a little apart.
    The capacitor shown in photo may be different in your bulb, or it could be two in parallel. There are differences amongst bulbs.
    Find where the solder interconnect bridges are that connect the vertical LED boards. Then find the break in this pattern, near the green line in the photo (midway between interconnect points highlighted in purple in photo). This midway set of single points is the dc power to all vertical LED boards in series. Connect one end of the double jumper here, as shown in photo.
    Go directly across the board to the solder interconnect that ties the 4th vertical board (counting either CW or CCW) to the 5th. This solder interconnect needs to be opened. The groove needed is shown in red on white marking in photo. Drill small (1/16) outward, right over top of interconnect, through the white shell.
    Use larger bit (1/8) from outside white shell to mill out the center of the solder interconnect.
    Twist the double jumper 1/2 turn, as shown in photo, and connect to set of solder points made by milling/opening solder interconnect.
    Tape shell back together.
    Plug in ONLY to 120.
    Nice nightlight, but perhaps beefing up capacitors would help.
  • Excellent

    posted by Gezza

    Good light output. Quite a warm colour. Good protective cover over the SMDs.
    5630 SMD LEDs work well. Good for horizontal mounting in ceiling (oyster) light fittings. In the past, I've tried corn lamps with the earlier small round white LEDs (non-SMD) and been disappointed with their claimed output. At last I've found a corn lamp at a good price good enough to light my 4x5 metre room.
    Good product.

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