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led light controller

You can find fashionable led light controller at a low price. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. Of course, you can find them from led tail lights, 12v led lights. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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led light controller Customers Reviews

  • Nice, but not so bright as stated

    posted by ksfga

    Fine built except the controlling box. Sturdy cable and LEDs. Only about 3 programs are useful, others are very disturbing for Christmas ;)
    It has enough light to be seen from couple hundreds meters so low input is probably more pro than con. I use it on balcony with controlling box inside.
    Good product for a reasonable price. If have better input cord with controlling box it would be 5 stars!
  • Excellent light set

    posted by chrismifsud

    -These lights were suprisingly bright
    - They came with a vaiety of mounting/installation hardware
    - compact and easy to mount {I used velcro}
    - The strobe feature is awesome
    - Nice use of plastic insulated connectors for each light bar
    overall I found these lights to be an incredible value and perform better than expected. besides for the basic build quality they work great. I ordered 2 more sets for myself
  • Very good as "wall-light"

    posted by hugoleosp

    I really liked the design, it looks good and nice =DIt appears to be made with good material and I hope it will last long.Lights are very nice .. you have the 3 basic colors and 12 secondary colors .. and also white.You have 4 predefined color scheme that keeps changing the color of the lights (I don't know if you can personalize this, there is no manual).There is also 3 levels of intensity.
    I think is VERY worth it to have this, but have in mind you wont have a clear ambient with this light, it is decorative, for those that loves to have a low light ambient .. you can switch colors as a stress relief .. or just according to your mood.I bought two and now I think I'll buy more =D
    The only bottom line is it is not strong enough, but I bought with this in mind. The ideia was just decorative .. so I'm fine =Dbut it !!!
  • Reacts to others' remote commanders

    posted by Artmix

    Very small, light weight. Smooth transition in FADE mode.
    So that, if you want to use this device together with TV, you will get a surprise! Especially when illuminating the room in the dark and use TV remote commander you can get a bright white flash.
    If you want to use this device without surprises, do not use others remote commanders in same room.
  • great product

    posted by andreamattioni

    The light bulb is very easy to use, just place it in the spot and turn on, no manuals are required to operate and the materials quality is great.Really cool :) good packaging. Easy to use, no instructions needed. Just unbox mount in the lamp yoy want to pimp out and enjoy :) Remote comes with battery included, just remove the plastic cover and your good to go.-Solid construction-Cheap-Awesome for parties
    Highly recommended. Great buy for the price.
    Will buy another one!

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