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led light car 5w

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led light car 5w Customers Reviews

  • Easy to mount, very bright

    posted by CanadaCG

    Good build quality, solid case, nice mounting holes, metal body
    These are much brighter than I expected that they would be. I considered using them for some lighting in my home instead of for daytime running lights, but the brightness and solid build makes me feel comfortable using them as running lights for my vehicle.
    For the price, a very good unit. If you want to add daytime running lights to your vehicle, this is an inexpensive way to do it. Build quality is good, so they will probably need no maintenance after being installed.
  • Very bright, universal dome light

    posted by Cythrelo

    VERY bright light, at least two to three times as bright as my old dome light. Fades out properly when the doors are closed.
    In my car, the LED module is constantly powered when set to turn on when the doors open. It has a faint white glow. I don't think it'll be enough to drain my battery while parked, but I'll be keeping an eye on it just in case.
    An excellent dome light replacement with some minor drawbacks. Nothing too serious for such a cheap drop-in replacement that significantly brightens the interior of your car!
  • Green bulbs for all the life of the car

    posted by Ringmaster2

    Lights the same as 21/5W 12V lamps, in low light mode and in high light too, but reducing consumption and maintenance.You will not see the difference in light terms, but it will last forever, saving you a lot of money in gas.High quality materials, it will not burn.
    Change your brake lights with these and you will forget to change them again.
    Tested at high level (brake pressed) for a long time and almost don't get hot at all.

    posted by TOF80

    To replace an 20W GU4 Halogen. The Warm White color is similar to the Halogen yellow color. Illumination/power is similar to an 20W GU4 Halogen. Price is great. Not so much yellow. A very googd halogen bulb replacement;
    nothing else.
    According to the price, really a great amount of light. I do not know how long she will serve, but impressed so far good !!!
  • It's usefull for me,good gadget.

    posted by aleprolit

    Small LED flashlight powered by 12-14 volts.I plan to install at my aircraft as nav light.It is convenient to set.Similar device from the aircraft firms is much more expensive.8 volts / 0.01 A (Already a normal glow, enough to cover)9 V / 0.05 A (for eyes - a little brighter)10 volts / 0.1 A (just a little brighter)12.5 V / 0.22 A (full brightness)15.4 V / 0.37 A (insignificantly brighter)at 0.25 Ampere body heats up slightly, to 45-50 degrees.
    All ok
    Small LED flashlight powered by 12-14 volts

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