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led light bulbs Customers Reviews

  • Amazing for the money.. but sightly strange design..

    posted by Jemmauk

    As bright as daylight. The only difference between the two is that one is a whiter light than the other. They're honestly that bright. Another advantage is the fact theres a lot of little LEDS means that the bulb doesnt glare. Doesnt seem to get hot at all. The design is odd - it seems that the bulb consists of separate LED array panels and a round one at the bottom in a frame with something inside connecting them up. Be aware that whatever this is (a transformer?) it is not attached to anything - handle the bulbs gently.
    These bulbs are able to illuminate a room entire that I had problems with using three CFLs because of the way the lighting is arranged. I can't recommend enough..
    The only drawback with these is their size - and in the majority of cases that wont be an issue. The price works out at just under £12. This may seem steep but look at it this way. I bought a bulb from DX (admittedly a different model LED) in Oct 2010 for my bathroom light - and it finally died in march 2013 - after a house move and a year at the new place working perfectly. When you look at it that way £12 for a bulb doesn't seem that bad.Heartily recommended!
  • sku.51520

    posted by mykhal

    - low power consumption- long life expectancy(according to specifications, not tested.. but it's very likely)------------------------------------------------------------------------
    it is very good lightbulb to dry clean environments. not very suitable for very wet or dusty ones, if the bulb is going to be exposed directly to the air------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Good product and good price.

    posted by ElvioLin

    Good intensity. Combine with SKU: 51280 to illuminate 40mts2. Buena intensidad lumínica. Combinar con SKU: 51280 para iluminar 40mts2.
    SKU: 131 600 + SKU: 51280 perfect balance of intensity and color.SKU: 131600 + SKU: 51280 balance perfecto de intensidad y color.
    100% recommend this product. Greetings to all from Cordoba, Argentina. Recomiendo 100% este producto. Un saludo a todos desde Córdoba, Argentina.
  • Great Bulbs

    posted by jaywong87

    Bulbs are Bright, and because there are only 2 LEDs the bulbs have enough constant power that they do not go Yellow. Build quality is much better than alot of the other bulbs available. fitment is great
    i would chose these bulbs over many of the other types. because they do not draw as much power as the 12xLED bulbs which tend to cause the bulbs to show yellow sometimes
    I WOULD BUY THEM! they are great, better build quality than many of the other options, and they are very bright, more white than alot of the other options too. i've tried one of the 12xLED bulbs which were yellowish. this was not yellow at all
  • Great for accents, not for main lighting

    posted by BillsGate

    The light emitted from this bulb, has a nice color, very comparable to regular bulbs. Great to use as night light or as accent lighting.The screw fitting is very easy to use.The lamp build is not bad.
    Like I mentioned, this bulb is great for creating atmospheric light or to accent some parts of your interiour. The intensity is not what most (warm white) led bulbs are famous for. Especially not at these prices.When you take the purpose of these bulbs and the nice warm color into account, these lamps are quite good value for money.


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