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Check out the great led light bulbs to see if there is any that suits you. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. You can also browse the e27 led light bulb, red led light bulbs, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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led light bulbs Customers Reviews

  • Value for money

    posted by mosheluz

    Good lighting device. Fits easily in the E14 thread.Pleasant light (I use the "warm-white" type), soft but yet strong enough to enable easy reading of a newspaper. Contrary to the PL type that needs "to warm up", it gives immediately its full flux.
    I expect the price will drop so it will be the preferred choise for all lighting fixtures at home. Meantime it is too expensive to replace all bulbs, incandescent and PL.
    Good deal.
  • Good Light with some limitations

    posted by vfrjim

    I ordered 3 of these, one came in damaged but DX is replacing with another(great customer service!) I would say that these are near 50 watt equivalents to incandescent bulb, color is bright white. I plan on ordering more.
    JUST a FYI, if the bulb comes apart at the base, the threads are actually backwards and you need to turn it counter-clockwise to put it back together, you do not need to glue it.
    Good bulb, buy it!
  • Good replacement for halogen bulb

    posted by pirusmalus

    The light is maybe little bit more blue than it should be. But it shine as strong as 50 watts halogen bulb! Angle is small (again same as my old halogen bulb).
    It is very stylish, good looking, modern bulb. But like I said, did not last long
    If it would last a little bit longer (at least one year) I will recommend it!
  • Good bulb, but with some cons

    posted by NightWallkeR

    -Low energy consumption compared to the original 5/21W bulbs
    -Long Life
    -Bright light and light is scattered along all sides
    -Almost no heating
    If you think to use it only for Tail Light it's Perfect. But if you use it for Brake/Tail the little difference between tail and brake light make it not so good.
  • Best Dome Lights found.

    posted by marioleo

    -Best Dome Lights Found so far.-Very Nice Color, real White. -Very, Very Bright. Really clear.-Good adaptor, Will Fit some models.-Makes the car looks cooler inside.-Probably 288 plus Lumen.-Good price for what it does.
    Excellent Joyce for Honda Fit Jazz Dome Lights. Will give you 3 or four times more light than original light. Consumption is not so high, if you think the amount of light is giving you..
    Very Good dome Lights. Very Bright.

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