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led light bulbs dc Customers Reviews

  • Bright white

    posted by nyman666

    Really bright white light. Have it on my car to light up the licenceplate. Much better than the old LEDs I had witch gave a blueish light, these will give bright white light.
    Have LED inside the caR aswell and thinking about ordering a new set of these to replace them. Have bought another cheap LED light at my local dealer before and they havent worked for too long, hope these will work longer, at least they feel like a more quality product.
    If you are going to switch out your old lights to LED, this is the way to go.
  • Recommended.

    posted by TR123

    Good building quality. Good machined aluminium case. Bright, yellowish light. I've got no idea of whether it is 900 lumen or not. Current consumption measured to 0.6A at 12V = 7.2W. Not quite 10W. But the current is nicely reduced when increasing the voltage showing a true switching regulator. The light beam is not very narrow, giving a rather wide. illuminated area.
    I'm ordering 4 more. Am gonna use them as searchlight on my boat. Buy it if you want a lamp for illumination of a rather large area, but still focused.
  • Fuel saving working lights (with a little fixing)

    posted by Sottunga

    Holder must be secured, by for example epoxy, because the soldering to the holder do not stand out for ANY vibrations!
    In my last shipment of 16 was 6 broken, by short or loosened soldering, but now all working! So this is definitively not for nonhandyman ;) But Reclaiming do the same thing of course, but I rather fix it in a few hour, and enjoy the light for years to come :))
  • Helpful when you need to leave your parking light on for extended long time

    posted by rnavarre

    Last longer than regular automotive light bulbs.Less battery drain than regular bulbs.Fully compatible with existing light bulb connectors.Easy to install, just replace the existing bulb with the led bulb.A lot brighter than regular cheap light bulbs.
    Might as well replace the rest of the bulbs in my Jeep with these led bulbs.
    Recommended for cars with lots of gear where saving as much battery as possible is needed.
  • Good device.

    posted by bg1199

    The small size is well suited to replace regular light bulbs T10 in the car. The small size allows the use of the LED in place of any lamp T10 in your car.
    Useful for lighting a glove box, under foot space. Also, the LED can be used for lighting mirrors in the sun visor.
    The small size allows the use of the LED in place of any lamp T10 in your car. You can not fear that it will not fit or will be in something abut. It is not suitable for lighting large areas. But for small areas fit very well.

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