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led light bulb 220v

You'll find the best led light bulb 220v for you here. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Of course, you can find them from led light bulb 220v gu10, b22 led light bulbs. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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led light bulb 220v Customers Reviews

  • Bright, cool light wich saves you cash!

    posted by Perkelehnet

    Bright, bluish-white light. 360 degreese light-coverage, plus top! Build quality seems good enough.Perfect for outdoor-lightning.And since it is LED, it is power saving!
    LED = power saving = eco friendly. If you do care ;-)And if you do not care, it is still a nice light bulb!About the size; it's about the same diameter as a regular E27, but a bit taller. Not a problem in my lamp housing though.
    Cheap, bright and eco friendly outdoor-lighting - what more to say?
  • Perfect for walkways

    posted by pedralca79

    Cheap item that works as you expect.The light color is quite white, not blue as others.The LED type and the no lens equiped makes light angle is about 120 degrees.
    No others
    I bougth 4 to my fathers walkway, and the ligth is not upset. Is easy to use and the consumption is more low than I expect. Form 240W to 12W with the same ligth!!!Maybe I will change my walkway ligths...
  • Small bright lamp

    posted by faltauno

    Like this the rotating lamp because it serves to focus area and thus light is directed toward a desired site, after the end of screwing the light bulb may be approaching the opposite site that we had expected
    I liked another lamp model a little longer and contained more LEDs, but as long as I had no thought in the ceiling where put
    I recommend purchasing this lamp as functional sites for those who have little space, and also has the advantage that it can guide the direction of the light emitted and consumption is really interesting
  • Decent lamp

    posted by nachprod

    Low power consumptionVery acceptable build qualityLEDs are protected against damage and dust by a translucent coverColor temperature is actually quite warm, but see cons
    Power seems to be on a par with 40W incandescent bulb more or less. No 50 Hz flicker while used on AC, unlike some previous LED bulbs from DX.
    Decent bulb for a storage room or WC, perfect for country cottages, but maybe too expensive and definitely not too bright. I wouldn't use it to light up a living room.
  • Much light after years

    posted by palim

    After years of pushing wattage of bulbs down by Europen union, without comparable CCFL substitutes, I got again something, what produces light like classic 120W bulb. Great. If you need intensive light in bigger rooms, this is a good choice.Pretty cold during operation
    As stated already, labeling contains only unusable information. Substantial data age not present.
    recommended in case cold light is suitable for you purpose

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