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led light aaa cree Customers Reviews

  • The little AAA light that delivers

    posted by tonibecool

    + Small sized & lightweight for keychain carry+ aesthetically pleasant form with no clunky angles+ AAA batteries found everywhere, cheaply+ waterproof (IPX8) & Impactproof (1m)+ Easy in pocket carry too+ a respectable amount of lightpower (lumens + main beam lux) for the average area lighting and object pointing up to 40 m (pitch black areas)+ possible to use single handed although not very fluid or quick to do so
    A flashlight above the lowest priced DX offerings. I feel the price has been worth it to me. Very happy and satisfied with my purchase. Not a so called tactical design but more of a general purpose EDC (every day carry) for every man and woman.
    Excellent, good quality small size & lightweight for keychain carry with a single AAA battery. Pocket carry comfortable. Offers a good area illumination for evening stroll with the dog, going through dark street or garden, or taking out the trash.It should be pointed out though, it does not have a defensive amount of lightpower or a strobe mode nor does it have so called tactical design elements.I recommend if the price feels ok for the buyer!
  • tatamovich

    posted by tatamovich

    Powered by a single AAA battery. Has three modes, it is convenient to light. Ideal for wearing on the keys. All included. Very beautiful color. Magnificent taktilye sensation. Enough light for all life cases in the city. For EDC - the battery will last for several months. Rugged, if not score them nails.
    Fast light can be made easier. Now to do this, push the edge of the head along the hull.
    Overall, a good flashlight.
  • Great Value

    posted by Attewell

    Seems to be a good little light. Tilt feature is good. Light works as it should with a clear white beam. Reasonably lightweight. Wears nicely on the head, the strap is comfortable. The ability to adjust the desired brightness is a good feature.
    Good strap. Generally a good light.
    Exceptional value. Would recommend it except where water resistance is needed. Seems well constructed, does not seem like a cheap product in the hand.
  • Nice looking light, easy to carry around.

    posted by Benji83

    - This is a very small light- Very light and easy to carry- Fits into all the pockets you can find ;)- Strong and sturdy build for such a small thing
    I use this light for installing audio at dark places. because is has a nice flood its easy to illuminate larger areas at tight/close places. Perfect in my case because this is required allot.
    This is a very nice looking light. Good finish and the threads where very smooth in my case. The beamshot is very flooded(not a thrower). This light is perfect for illuminating large areas at close range.
  • NEXTORCH K3, Car Keys, and Wallet is what I keep in my pockets

    posted by mdttctech

    I bought this to replace my old pen light that i lossed and I am very happy with my new K3! Being a technician i need a good and bright light that isn't bulky and clips to my clothes when on the job site. This flashlight is DURABLE, BRIGHT, LITE WEIGHT, AND HAS A CLIP which makes sense to have when dealing with flashlights this small
    Its small and lite and super bright...I keep it on me at all times for work and for home

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