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led light 4w mr16

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led light 4w mr16 Customers Reviews

  • Meets expectations

    posted by RonFriedman

    Good quality, nice gold trim, pretty bright, light is focused and provides a nice light beam, nice light temp. very close to the standard halogen light (not as bright though)
    Can't yet replace the halogen spotlights but it provides enough light to be useful.
    I'll probably get a few more lights to replace the other halogen light I have at home.
  • Cold blue-white light, brigh, saves power

    posted by waltbru

    Plugs in cleanly, looks like quality, bright, very low power usage.
    I bought a fluorescent MR16 light from Home Depot for $10. The fluorescent was wimpy so I returned it and ordered this LED light from DX for $8. LED lights from HD are $25, Yikes! I'm glad I did as this is much brighter.
    This is a giant improvement over halogen 20W lights, if you can handle the color difference. Brightness appears to be the same as a 35W halogen, less than a 50W and more than a 20W.
  • Good quality

    posted by eduzago

    It´s been 17 days and I got my new bulbs. It was very fast. I liked a lot the quality and the luminosity of them. I have bought them just to test if they are good and I am surprised. I will order more because I need 12 and I have bought just 3.
    I thought 3500k should be warmer. But it´s very powerful. It´s very similar to my 50W that I changed
    I recommend. I should be easier to find mr16 85~265V. I can just find mr16 12V or gu10 85~265V.
  • Bright

    posted by filekb

    Bright. White. Spotlight. Works with AC, doesn't seem to get hot either. Low energy use compared to the 20 watt bulb it replaced. Much brighter than the 20 watt bulb it replaced.
    Waiting for the dark to see how much of a spotlight it is, but looks like more of a spotlight than the typical 4 watt LED bulbs seen on this site that are made up of 4 - 1 watt LEDs.
    Bright and low energy consumption!
  • pretty good lamp

    posted by aaronr

    Good colour - fairly similar to halogens
    Most electronic transformers need a minimum current to start up, so you can't use a normal tranny with just one of these. I have put 4 of these in parallel (16W) and it works, but there is a little flicker (but my transformer specifies a minimum load of 20VA, so it's not unexpected)
    Don't expect you can just replace your halogens with this one, but once you overcome the transformer issue, this LED globe is pretty good. Can't wait for the technology to progress so we get even brighter ones!


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