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led light 3w car Customers Reviews

  • very bright and good looking!

    posted by Hottuning

    Very good colourVery brightLow power usagevery cheap!
    These are the best for this price! I have never found anything else like this for such a low low price! Ive used them on several cars now and they amaze me everytime. The colour is outstanding and the brightness is amazing! Ive bought known brand wich couldnt even begin to compare to this quality en price range. I cant keep telling you how good this product is, but I have to have a 500 characters review before this is added, what is a whole lot in English for just a simple review. Maybe they ask 500 because in asian u need more characters or something? I don’t know, but now im done with typing.
    buy this, u will never find a better quality for such a low price!
  • Tail/Stop lamp ?

    posted by wwhite139

    They work, styling is nice, don't appear to get too hot.
    American style brake/turn light ? Has outer housing earth and two contacts - high and low output, more like tail/stop lamp, american style stop/turn are a single contact style bulb (unless tail light also, and a reverse bulb definitely is !)
    Was looking something with single pole single brightness so didn't fit. May be suitable for your project though.
  • Awesome little LEDs

    posted by freyr255

    Aluminum construction, 3W of brightness, waterproof, what appears to be a glass lens, and they are rated 12-14.5V on the package so they can be hooked directly to vehicle wiring without fear of burning them out. Also the threading makes them easy to install as it keeps all your wiring internal to the vehicle.
    These lights appear to be a full 3W and have a wide beam angle somewhere between 60 and 90 degrees. These are great for installing under a hood to light up the engine compartment for work(I use 5-6 on each of my vehicles on a toggle switch under the hood..beats a trouble light), to use as additional back up lighting(punch a hole and tie into existing back up lights), and as things like license plate lights.
    Great build quality and you can install these anywhere on a vehicle with extreme ease due to having internal voltage regulation that I'm guessing is just done with a resistor.
  • Really bright fog lights.

    posted by LordPhoenix

    1) They are really bright.2) Have they own reflector, that creates concentrated beam.3) Looks waterproof
    In our country drivers should turn on lights even on daytime. These lights could save your expensive halogen lights and car will need less fuel - 2x3W LEDs better than 2x55W halogens. And these give you additional light at night time.Oh, and when it's foggy - your car wil be seen better than with halogens only.
    Good daytime lights.
  • Replacement for 20 watt halogenbulbs

    posted by lasermanathome

    AC,DC, 8V, 30V, this unit works fine with all kinds of powersupplies.Output is about 150 lumen really warn white, it matches the color of a 2700K Halogenbullb almost exactly but it does not become very warm.Good for livingrooms, boats etc, but not for the kitchen , the lightcolor is too warm for this application.What makes it so nice is the well functionating eklectronic driver on the aluplate, wich gives enough cooling for long lasting use.
    A pot to regulate the output would make this init more universal, dimming makes it much more worth.It must be possible to implement this option.The power can -in that case- be set on a wanted output.
    Nice product wich can easily be developped to a dimmable unit what makes it very fine to work with.That makes it a standard part.Also a coolwhite version would be appreciated.Not expensive and -in this configuration-lasting a lifetime.It can be integrated without the possibility to replace, you have to act stupid to destroy this unit.


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