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led light 3500k 12v Customers Reviews

  • warm yellowish lite bulb

    posted by alex263

    - not blinding, as the light source is distributed over the surface- no sharp shades- much like an oldie 40 Watt bulb
    Plate soldering quality looks odd - like its soldered by hand. Gets warm after some time. The reflector itself is useless as the leds are mounted in front of it - on a flat plate
    Vintage-style light bulb, may be used for some decoration, or backlight. Guess, these hardly can compete with cree
  • pretty good lamp

    posted by aaronr

    Good colour - fairly similar to halogens
    Most electronic transformers need a minimum current to start up, so you can't use a normal tranny with just one of these. I have put 4 of these in parallel (16W) and it works, but there is a little flicker (but my transformer specifies a minimum load of 20VA, so it's not unexpected)
    Don't expect you can just replace your halogens with this one, but once you overcome the transformer issue, this LED globe is pretty good. Can't wait for the technology to progress so we get even brighter ones!
  • Really useful bulb

    posted by tsip899

    It works good. Without overheating.Good construction qualityEasy to useNice price (hope to come down a little bit) compared to local prices in greece. It fits easily.Warm white light is the best... really warm.I would say suprisingly good bulbThe bulbs come in their original packaging, undamaged.
    All work perfectly for now .. It's diameter was some mm bigger and i could't easily fit them to the spot, so you have to pay attention of your spot diameter first !
    If you plan to change your old spot lights in bathroom this is a choice i recomend .
  • 10W G4 halogen low-current replacement

    posted by wrestling

    Low-current alternative to battery operated systems such as sailboats. Fits well in terms of size, light colour and connector most lamps fitted with G4.Being polarity specific enables me to automatically switch this off when reversing polarity to light up other fixtures with both red and white leds connected in opposite polarities.
    low cost current saving option to 10w halogen G4
    Need to reduce current consumption - start here.
  • Pretty good

    posted by kanarie

    Can be used in cars (inner lighting ) or as a halogen replacement in some cases.
    Energy saver!!!!
    does not get as hot as the original bulbs
    will last longer (in theory)
    2x as much light for the money
    I ordered one as a sample (I wanted to use it as a halogen replacement in my house) It works for me although the color tint is slightly cooler than that of Halogen bulbs
    it is polar (+-) sensitive
    great led bulb for an OK price
    I bought this bulb as an energy saver
    it gives the amount of light of a 3Watt bulb but is uses only 1,44Watt
    Will buy some more

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