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The perfect led light 20 here to meet all your needs. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. 12v led lights or led down light contains many hot and popular products. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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led light 20 Customers Reviews

  • Great lights!

    posted by trimble4975

    I used these in my travel trailer. They mimc the normal incandescent bulbs almost perfectly. Maybe a bit of a cooler colour but very close. They consume a fraction of the electricity which is helpful when on battery power. They also produce no heat which is great for summer camping.
    Multiple adapters are nice. A tiny bit finicky to get installed but that is not the bulbs problem thats mine!
    Buy these. LED trailer bulbs are about $30 more in Canada.
  • Very cheap and efficient leds

    posted by extraterrien

    Those leds (and cold white SKU 133093) are vey affordable.
    To use this leds, you will need: - ~650mA led driver - Thermal paste / dissipator and a way to attach leds to it.- Deflector or a way to not illuminate directly (for example: in top of a movable or behind a translucent glass).
    Led driver are easy to find. Finding a way to cool and attach this leds is a little challenging. I ignore how it could be done with tens watts models.Properly cooled, it should last.
  • That is what i need

    posted by jimakosb

    verry very good product. That is really what i needed. I put it in my Honda brake ligths and change the look of my tail.Very bright and good quality.
    I think soon to replace all my bubles with leds bubles. Better looking and more safetly. Also I recommend to my friends to do the same.
    Buy this products, and you will be very satisfied whit it.
  • Best All Purpose LED

    posted by Dynoo

    Very bright, can be used with small cooler, i.e. aloy piece. Do not heat much. Give also bright light at lower currents.
    I purchased the same in 10pack long ago to fix all MR16 and GU10 Spots 3.1W or 4x1W. So these spots really will last forever :-)Other usage: Changes all 5 and 20W bulbs in my Opel. Dead easy (except adapting the flasher relay to the small current). Just killed the orignal bulbs and soldered 2 or 3 leds in series with resistors or MR16 ccurrent sources onto the socket. Use 4579 silikon and 35816 heat sink.
    A MUST HAVE.It is my cheap replacement for all cree stars I used in the house.
  • bright and handy

    posted by majsv

    Very bright: bunched alltogether lights almost as flashlight. Very easy to use - simply insert batteries and switch on. Safety - 3 batteries unable to do electric shock, and fire probability is very-very low. Battery hold cover close tightly, without dangle and may be fixed against opening by small screw (not included). It's autonomous - don't need power cable and may be used on open air - for example, to decorate a small tree.
    I mind to buy more such strings, this or simular with other length.
    Very handy decoration.

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