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led license plate bulbs

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led license plate bulbs Customers Reviews

  • Great, White lights

    posted by markbhim

    These lights are great!Extremely bright, white light.Illuminates my rear- license plate at night with ease.Did I mention it was BRIGHT WHITE?It does feel more sturdy and durable than other bulbs.For the price, a pair of these are great!Had them for about a year, still running strong and bright as ever!
    Illuminates well in complete darkness.For the price, its great!
    Buy these lights!
  • Good light and good distribution

    posted by LiviuIonut

    Very good light.More light than regular bulbs. Low consumption.The light is emitted in all direction.The light became emitted more quickly than regular bulbs and stop emitting instantly.Same dimensions like regular bulb.Good price.
    I use them to illuminate my feet space in the car. The light is perfect and more than regular T10 bulb.The car shut down the light gradually and this bulb is function perfect. The light became slowly dimmed and gradually shutdown. This is like regular bulbs but with more light output.
    I use 2 bulbs in my car for more than 1 year and function perfectly. Very good T10 Leds with lower price. Excellent buy for me.
  • Good led

    posted by aliksn

    set the backlight vehicle number. white color of light with very little yellowish tinge. or rather warm white. brightness is sufficient to expose the issue. shine 2-3 times brighter than regular bulbs look beautiful. for a long time, no diode is not extinct. quality is excellent. for me the most important thing that the light is not blue like the rest, and warm white.
    if money is not a pity, I advise taking. I myself have tried many different LEDs, the most suitable. brightness enough to reverse pass in the dark, even if conventional lamps do not work or are dirty.
    high price, but good quality and brightness. color - warm white.

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