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led lcd 1080p Customers Reviews

  • Very decent for its price

    posted by Broozerx

    Its a nice solid little device, the attachment system is solid built and sticks to about anything on your car. Although i would have prefered the USB connector on the bottomside instead of the top side.The LCD is clear and shows clearly when its recording, it fits nearly everywhere on your front screen, as long you can connect the USB cable to it.At daylight the camera is pretty decent, though it does record at 1080p, its far from the actualy quality (reminds me of those Trust/Sweex cameras), still sound and image are pretty decent. Sadly, the infrared at night is just too weak to see proper, on a road without streetlight it basicly becomes dark, entirely dark.
    Once you pop it on your PC, it gives a choice to use as mass storage (to copy videos) or to use it as a webcam.It starts recording automatic once it recieve USB power (sig.outlet), so you dont have to manualy start it (though u can manualy stop it).
    I have no experience with the other camera's sold at DX, but this one had a nice price and works pretty well. Easy to use, menu is responsive and user-friendly.So for its price its a very decent camera that does it job. Though you might consider the more expensive ones if you prefer high quality images.
  • too expensive for a similar product

    posted by konus81

    Very compact device. Very comfortable to use, good quality video resolution and build quality.
    Two minuts of record in resolution 1920 x 1080 takes about 150 Mb
    Too expensive for a similar product. GPS module is not useful.
  • Good DashBoard camera

    posted by Roman813

    Very good product - it simply does what it was build to. Simple and easy to use, strong suction holder, the power cable is long enough. Day video is very good. Twilight video acceptable. Night shooting is bad - the IR LEDs are just a toys for nothing. But still you can catch the possible important moments. The quality/price ratio is very high for this product. This camera (K6000 based type) is the one of several types highly recommended at dashcamtalks forums, reviews etc.
    To change the language - power up the camera - press middle button on the left side (looks like "list") twice (so the maintenance menu will be open - tab with symbol of "key" - 3 items down - press ok and now you have entered the language selection - just find your language and press ok
    Just buy it!
  • Compact High Quality Camera

    posted by ghettoc

    1) The camera has the "DC on" feature meaning that it will turn on when it gets power from your car's cigarette port. Some cars (like mine) never turn off the cigarette power so it may not be useful.2) You can charge the camera and use it at the same time. Some dashcams from DX like sku.64009 cannot do this.3) Very high quality and full HD. Description says it records 1400x900 but it actually records 1920x10804) Small design doesn't attract too much attention. It fits nicely underneath the rear view mirror.5) Switch at the top of the unit for night time recording. Some other dashcams require you to go into the menu to enable night time recording.
    This is how you change the menu to English (or any other language):1. Power on the dashcam2. Press the menu button (top left)3. Press the picture button (top right)4. Press play button (bottom left)5. Press movie button 2x (bottom right)6. Press the play button 2x
    If you're looking for a small dashcam that has amazing quality, this is the one you want to look at.


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