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led laser keychain

Purchase the latest led laser keychain with wonderful pricing Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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led laser keychain Customers Reviews

  • A tiny light show.

    posted by gasbag11

    One of the best little "fun" lights I've bought at DX. Seems pretty sturdy. Hold down the front button (near the lens) and the laser comes on. Click the other button once, and the flashlight comes on and stays on. Click it again and the "light show" starts. Click again and it shuts off.
    The white led is useful as a keychain light, or finding something under the bad, or finding a bigger flashlight if the power goes off. The laser works well too, but the best feature is the mini light show. It changes colors and blinks at three different speeds. Very cool.
    It is an actual laser so it's not suggested for little kids, but it's great for big kids like me. I'll have to make sure my 7 year old granddaughter doesn't see it. LOL
  • rayo laser

    posted by 555000

    muy buena calidad y muy uyiles cuanta con su rayo laser y linterna led es algo fragil pero no mucho tiene buen material
    muy utiles para presentaciones, o aluzar en la noche o simplemetne jugar !! ajjajaja..muy utiles para presentaciones, o aluzar en la noche o simplemetne jugar !! ajjajaja
    su tiempo de espera algo largo pero me imagino por el lugar de donde vivo
  • Good product

    posted by Jeroendejong

    Two LEDs are clearly better than one, on this keychain unit . The red laser will print a visible dot on a white target 1/2 mile away, it's notably stronger than you'd expect . Unit and carabiner seem substantially built
    Its an excelent product, really good quality. It feels a little heavy, as you suppose it will be, doesnt feel cheap al all.
    If you are still thinking about, buy it.
  • Cutest little light

    posted by gasbag11

    If you want a cute, little, light,this is it. And it's actually useful as a flashlight. Maybe about 10 lumens which is plenty for finding a keyhole in the dark, or something dropped under a car seat. It looks reasonably sturdy and the finish is nice.It's also small enough for a keychain. Both the light and the laser work well.
    It's much smaller than I imagined. The overview says 3.15 in. but mine is only 2.25 in. I was a little worried about it going through customs, but it's so small it would never be mistaken as a real gun.It has a real laser, so it's definitely not for little kids.
    I probably own around 80 flashlights, but this is now one of my most favorite. If ever breaks or gets lost, I will immediately order another one. I may order another one just for a spare. it's that cute.Highly recommended.
  • works like a charm

    posted by Maoet

    - Laser works fine, strong enogh to be seen clearly during daylight
    -White light quite bright, I tried it in the dark and works pretty neat, in case of a blackout it sure will com in handy.
    - UV is good. not strong as the white light but still works in a bright place.
    I bought it cause I work with money a lot and its perfect to see marks in bills!!!!
    - I ordered 3 and they all came with their batteries, although only 2 came with them reversed the other one didn't run out during shipping
    perfect keychain, specially for those work with money, do a lot of presentations or as an emergency light for blackouts
    if you only need 1 of the 3 lights, still get this one, they can always come in handy.


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