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led lamp Customers Reviews

  • Dimmable but not totally dimmable...

    posted by Hachetheboss

    Very good price, easy to install, and very standard fittings (will fit most sockets)The packaging is good as well, protected, and still easy to open
    overall, very good product seems to be built properly.
    good buy - good alue for money, even if they don't dimm to off...I would recommend to buy an extra one just in case, and be sure you don't want this for a low light area. But, overall they are a very good buy. go for it!
  • Impressive Performance

    posted by antarctican

    Durable, sturdy very well built lantern. The on button gives a solid click. I am completely impressed with the longevity of the lights, as the battery wears down, it uses fewer leds to prolong the light.
    I used this for camping all summer long. Works really well to light up the inside of my tent. At full charge you could easily read, but after an hour the leds need cranking to be comfortably bright enough to read. Doesn't take too many minutes of cranking to bring it back up again.
    I'd buy another at this price in a heartbeat. Build quality is higher than expected.
  • Excellent and beautiful

    posted by tabascoz

    Very very bright. It cames with an protective cardboard box to avid any scratches. The light is very focused, perfect to be used in bathrooms , to illuminate the sink. I presume that its focus is around 60 degrees. Be aware that it is an 6000k lamp, so it is a little bit purple. The lightning is pretty solid, it doesn't flick like some cheaper models sold in Brazil. The driver has a good quality.
    none thoughts
    no bottom line needed.
  • bright red bike light

    posted by MDNLdeal

    it is a very cheap bikelightit is very bright, so you will be well noticed when using it.it does fit on many different bikes.I you like it, there are more then 3 modes to let it blink.
    Maybe it is a good thing to have this in stock at home :-). When problemes with you bike light you can fit it on your bike in a couple of minutes.Because by the law in the netherlands it may not blink and if you want to turn it off you need to push the button several times.
    You can buy this for your bike. I do not know at this time how lang it will last, but the build quality seems to be ok for this price.
  • Nice in theory, but poor quality LED's/capacitors

    posted by joeyboy11223

    1) It's a pretty good price, about £8, you couldn't get something like this for that price over here.2) Looks nice, the head tilts up and down easily, quite firm but that means it doesn't feel flimsy so I know the head is going to stay at a higher angle and not slowly fall back down or anything.
    I can't say if this is the LED's themselves that are of a poor quality or maybe more like cheap plastic capacitors, or maybe poor heat dissipation. Either way I'd expect it to last longer really, especially since I didn't make much use of it, I'd literally only have it turned on for a minute or two as I was getting into bed, I only read very occasionally and even then only for 30 mins or so.
    A nice design, but maybe the fairly low price is sacrificing the quality of the components too much.


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