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led lamp 3500k

You can buy cheap led lamp 3500k from us. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Find more popular products from led head lamp, led spot lamps. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.
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led lamp 3500k Customers Reviews

  • Very Bright - but not warm white

    posted by SebaluxNew

    - Easy installment - As expected- Very bright- Very good quality- Good packaging- Solid meal heat sink
    Anyone a recomendation for same product half wattage and more "warm" white light color?
    Planned to replace a 6 x 50W halogen spot in my corridor with 6 of those.. ordered one for testing.. It is way too bright.. impossible to use another 5 of them. It would be like a football stadium in my corridor. Need to find something with less wattage. Besides it is to "cold white" for me.
  • Good for general lighting

    posted by Rusdy

    - Good quality heatsink: no burrs, no sharp edges
    - 3500K as it said
    - Frosted acrylic makes it good for soft lighting
    - Skinny and longer GU10 base -> this is IMPORTANT as lots of other GU10 bulbs (such as SKU80747 has short and stubby GU10 base, this will not fit to some GU10 housing!!)
    - Oversized heatsink (only warm after 3 hours of operation)
    - Brighter than my 9W compact fluoro GU10
    - If you want general omni-directional lighting, then buy this one
    - Definitely not for spot lighting
    - Definitely not a direct replacement for GU10 halogen due to size
    Dear DX,
    Please provide the bulb housing (with its excellent heatsink), also with the driver, as a bulb DIY kit.
    Oh, and please please please sell them with 4000K option, as I will definitely buy them.
    Your loyal customer
  • Goo dproduct for a reasonable price

    posted by rlimpens

    This light is truly warm white, low energy consumption (3 watt)
    It is to easy to touch the leds, the bulb is comparable with a 35 watt conventional light bulb
    This is a great price/quality product to replace old fashioned halogeen bulbs for led, tis saves aproximately 30 watts per hour. The light has a nice warm white colour and is suitable allover the house
  • Good 35w replacement

    posted by iborkimg

    These bulbs provide a good quality of light. I haven't seen so far any flickering or differences between them in terms of color. And it has the best price I have found for 4w led bulbs.
    Do not point it directly to the face, is to strong for direct illumination point it to the walls or the roof.Great price - cheaper than in local stores and much more powerfull! Great buy really
    Great bulb! great price - cheaper than in local stores and much more powerfull! Great buy really
  • Smallest E14 LED bulb I've seen so far!

    posted by JayDee2011

    Really tiny; Smallest E14 LED lamp I've come across; Fits in a lamp housing where you don't have much room; Provides a LOT of light; Good value for money.
    This lightbulb basically consists of a E14 socket, a PCB with some electronics + the LEDs on it, and a transparent, plastic cap to cover all. This cap is mounted on the E14 socket by means of screw-thread. Mine was a bit loose when it came out of the packaging. As it is plastic, you don't want to tighten it too fast and take a risk in breaking it. If it's not tight enough, and in a later stage you want to remove the light bulb from the socket holder, it can occur that you don't remove the entire bulb, but only un-screw the plastic cap while the rest of the bulb stays inside your socket older... If you just keep this in mind when installing/removing the bulb, you'll be OK.
    This is the smallest E14 LED lamp so far... and for a good price too! Quick quick, let me hit the Buy button once more!

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