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led lamp 12v lumen Customers Reviews

  • Not 15w

    posted by Mirkovich

    - Bright.
    - Easy to set up.
    I measured:
    13,2v: 180mA
    12,0v: 140mA
    11,2v: 110mA
    10,4v: 70mA
    13,2v*180mA = 2,4W
    At best, we can say it's 2.5W and not 15W (at 12v it's not even 2W).
    I dont think it's 360 lumen either (but I don't have equipment to measure it).
    Average led gives 70-100 lumen per watt. So a 2.5W (at best) this module will be 200-250 lumen.
    Average leds cost a dollar per watt. And this is asembled. Price could be better, but it's not bad either.
    Bought 3, one came with a defective led (3 leds don't light because they're connected in serial fashion).
    PCB is ordinary (maybe FR4), not aluminium (if these were 15w real, it should have been aluminium). PCB is painted white and resistors are on the back side. It comes with tape to paste it, but as the back side is not very flat because of resistors and connection cable.
    Would bought again.
  • Very bright

    posted by OhhWell

    This panel is quite bright and also as an unexpected bonus, not as directional as I feared. What that means is that the light isn't all concentrated in one direction like a tight flashlight beam. Obviously, it is not as wide as an incandescent bulb but it's not too bad. The adhesive tape is 3M branded.
    I used this to replace the amber exterior light on our travel trailer. We leave the light on at night for safety when camping and sometimes are off the power grid. The incandescent bulbs in an RV are typically about 13 watts so this panel doesn't give me a huge power savings based on its 10watt rating but it is quite bright. Also, it is so white, it somewhat overpowers the amber casing and attracts bugs. I have to decide if I want the greater illumination and small power savings or switch to a smaller panel with less battery drain.
    This is a very good and bright LED panel with connectors that should fit just about any light receptacle within its target usage. The price is great for this many elements.

    posted by TrackpadManiac

    Very bright LED, and its very cheap. i have 3 other LED's that cost more, that arn't as bright.has a limited throw (small angle) compared to other LED lights so using it as a bike like is VERY viable.Has Three modes (High/Low/Flash) depending on the combination of Red White and Black wires that you connect.This unit appears to be fully water resistant. all the joins look to be sealed with silicon or something simular. even around the lens :D
    This LED appears to have a driver in it (thus the multiple Modes) however i havn't taken it apart to check. i'm sure someone online will have $10 to spare to test it propperly and to pull it apart
    very well built LED, and VERY bright. well worth the $10. (there is a combo of these lights advertised as 10w, 1000 lumens, which is just two of these. you pay $10 premium for it to come in a box)
  • Nice light

    posted by belgianmotor

    I'm using this in my motorcycle. Instead of my big headlight, it this led. So it shines high up. This is very visible. It's white, even a bit blue. I like this because it's an other light than bikes, cars etc.. So people will notice it. I use it together with a halogen light, the halogen for the light, the LED light for the attention.
    Fits perfectly. Exactly the same as the standard lamps. Will work perfectly for the fog lights to make them led daylight
    If you have more place for a bigger version, take a bigger one.
  • Nicely priced entry level DRL

    posted by RacerXGT0

    Very nicely priced DRL. Exact same mold and size as SKU 52263. LED's are bright and visible during cloudy and rainy weather. They are bright during sunlight, but at short distances. Item I received, LED color temperature is 5500K or 'pure white', no blue tint at all. I'm very happy with the color temperature!
    I has happy to discover the product I received is built using Piranha Superbright Superflux LED's and not 5050 LEDs. Each individual Piranha LED is capable of producing 15-20 lumens. These are identical to SKU 52263 only these came in chrome style and 5500K color temp (pure white) LED's. YES! Pure White LED's! The same color as the German cars! I'm tired of receiving blue tinted LED products and these were perfect for my use!
    A descent more affordable DLR that is bright in low light conditions such as cloudy weather and rain. There are no approval markings and may not work where government car inspections are strict on lamp installations. These DRL's bright enough to do the job and that is to be seen in low light conditions. And for the price, you can't lose.

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