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led keychain Customers Reviews

  • cool cigarette

    posted by Graveler

    Everything works fine and happy! Laser lovely pen handy flashlight is useful :) Useful as a remote control to the keys. Convenient small buttons to activate the flashlight and laser.
    Uses 3 small button-type battery. As the handle using a regular shaft, but strongly cut to short stub of :) Ring to attach the keys unusually small, but it's even funny, The first button turns red laser vtorayavklyuchaet small but bright LED flashlight blue cast
    I strongly advise as Souvenir or a small surprise for a friend. I'll order a few more of these for their smoking friends - let amused :) with a stick is also very useful with built-in flashlight, laser and pen
  • Super bright and great price

    posted by Cr0wbar

    - The light is extremely bright. Both the light output and the distance the light will travel is very noticable when compared with a single LED light. - It's easy to use. Simply press the green rubber backing.- It's very compact as well. I wanted something small for my car keys and the size is perfect. - Great price too- Generally great build quality
    Just a note, don't forget to remove the paper circle from inside. There's some paper to stop the batteries running dead in transit. If you turn it on for the first time and it doesn't work, the paper packaging is probably still there.
    I would highly recommend this to anybody. It's a great addition to my car keys.
  • High quality - very bright - recommended

    posted by extremebert

    Was unsure what to expect, since when I ordered there were no reviews of this item. I was looking for a flashlight to attach to my keys and to carry with me at all times.It's absolutely great. Comes in a very nice cardboard box plus black foaming to hold the flashlight and the spare batteries. Flashlight feels very very high quality, similar to some of the really expensive bigger lights (original brands) I own. I bought it because of size and I love it. It really is so small !! But at the same time it's really really bright. Enough for my purpose.Can't comment about battery consumption, but it's not meant to run for a long time anyway. Just when I occasionally need some light to find a key hole or similar.You switch it on by turning the back end. It requires much more turning than just a 1/4 turn like on other flashlights I own. This is really good, because it will prevent accidental switching on in my pocket.
    Unfortunately DX doesn't sell the orange version of it. That's the color my wife would love to have...
    Recommended. I already ordered several more. Makes a nice gift.
  • Great product

    posted by KatyaVB

    Great product, the finish is thin and sturdy, the red light is far-reaching and white lights and flashlight. I say that caters well to the requirements of a conventional laser and flashlight. I noticed that the range of the laser reaches 150 meters.
    The product arrived well packaged in a plastic bubble envelope very sturdy and secure. Product in perfect condition.
    I do not understand this topic, but I recommend the product, excellent quality!
  • Nice and handy, little bit small

    posted by kj2kj2

    - Handy for finding your bag at night, or keys.- Quality of product is good.- Use of flat batteries.- Easy to spot at night.
    If there is a bigger version of this item, I should get it. If there isn't, Nite Ize should make it. Price, could be lower in my opinion, it's not very fancy stuff.
    Good. easy to use. Handy if you have a purpose for it.

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