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led keychain flashlight white

These cool led keychain flashlight white are high quality and at affordable prices. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.

led keychain flashlight white Customers Reviews

  • Very ussefull

    posted by jgomez3

    The product is cheaper, but the alluminium body es very good, and the light is flux is adecuatte. The size es very reduced, and this is very appreciate to use it as a key ring. It is specially useful to carry it with car keys.
    I suggest that the key ring chain must be stronger. I am worried about it could be broken.
    I think is a very useful article to get with your car keys.
  • A tiny light show.

    posted by gasbag11

    One of the best little "fun" lights I've bought at DX. Seems pretty sturdy. Hold down the front button (near the lens) and the laser comes on. Click the other button once, and the flashlight comes on and stays on. Click it again and the "light show" starts. Click again and it shuts off.
    The white led is useful as a keychain light, or finding something under the bad, or finding a bigger flashlight if the power goes off. The laser works well too, but the best feature is the mini light show. It changes colors and blinks at three different speeds. Very cool.
    It is an actual laser so it's not suggested for little kids, but it's great for big kids like me. I'll have to make sure my 7 year old granddaughter doesn't see it. LOL
  • High quality - very bright - recommended

    posted by extremebert

    Was unsure what to expect, since when I ordered there were no reviews of this item. I was looking for a flashlight to attach to my keys and to carry with me at all times.It's absolutely great. Comes in a very nice cardboard box plus black foaming to hold the flashlight and the spare batteries. Flashlight feels very very high quality, similar to some of the really expensive bigger lights (original brands) I own. I bought it because of size and I love it. It really is so small !! But at the same time it's really really bright. Enough for my purpose.Can't comment about battery consumption, but it's not meant to run for a long time anyway. Just when I occasionally need some light to find a key hole or similar.You switch it on by turning the back end. It requires much more turning than just a 1/4 turn like on other flashlights I own. This is really good, because it will prevent accidental switching on in my pocket.
    Unfortunately DX doesn't sell the orange version of it. That's the color my wife would love to have...
    Recommended. I already ordered several more. Makes a nice gift.
  • For the military collector

    posted by gasbag11

    Very solid feeling. Fairly well detailed but probably not an exact replica. It's the right shade of green for an army tank. The barrel swivels about 15 degrees in either direction, but returns to center when you let go. Just pull the little tab out of the bottom, and it's ready for battle.
    When you press down on the turret, the light comes on and it makes noise.It almost sounds like someone saying"fire". Almost.If you hold the turret down, it makes different sounds that might be machine gun fire.
    It's not super bright, and when you hold the turret down, the light flickers a little while it makes different sounds. Anyone who likes military stuff would probably love this. Kids too. For the price, with batteries included, It's definitely worth it.
  • Nice little gadget

    posted by fodivagyok

    It's cheap, it works, batteries are included, it has a keychain, and it fits in your pocket.
    Very cheap and very useful on the keychain. You can use the white light to find the right keys at night, the laser for pointing (and driving cats crazy :)) and the UV light for... dunno, maybe discovering invisible painting on the wall :)
    For that price it's a no-brainer. Get it, you won't regret it. (heheh, it rhymed :))


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