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  • Excellent product!Really great for lighting your car interior.

    posted by iurasik

    It is very bright, and you can see that especially when it's dark outside. Produces very "cold" light, like LED's usually, so it's quite different than the regular bulb.
    I purchased this product because I had blown the lights, and I have installed in my Mercedes without any problems. The result is very satisfactory because the luminosity has increased significantly and provide a clearer vision into the vehicle. And now I can not forget to buy more bulbs for some years.The finished material is good and has protective glass.It is a produccto to recommend it to anyone looking for parts for your car 41mm bulbs.
    I am very pleased with this product and recommend
  • Almost what I expected

    posted by Sitanel

    + It comes in a large number, a monstruos family pack of 10 keychains, so that you can give it to a lot of people.
    + Nice light effect alternating red and green leds.
    + Almost no weight.
    + Resistent cord.
    + Very nice package with the Pucca characters.
    + Useful plastic to "turn off".
    · Well, I was hoping to get sweet characters sticks and assorted colors, but this can be a plus, since it can be used to make other kind of keychains with parts you buy in some stores. Using the keychain as a base to make other accessories is welcome to those who have enough time.
    This is a required bottomline.
  • ---Unique item for tunning ------

    posted by lordseiya

    Real unique Switch to modify your vehicle and tun it. The leds are really bright, and the material, on a miracle, is GREAT!
    If you enjoy car tunning, and need to often turn on and off some stuff like Lamps, Leds, Lasers, Audio systems and so on, buy it
    you wont regret after buying this, trust me ;Darrived really soon and ive already installed it
  • Ecxellent product!!

    posted by aayarza

    Works perfectly on Nikon D5100 and Nikon D7000,easy to plug and use, very light to carry on, it have a led that indicates when your camera focus (green) and a lock to large exposures (red). also it is well constructed on hard plastic and came with a box.
    Very useful whe you take macro, night or low light pictures mounting your camera on a tripod. When you combine it to mirror up and VR disabling techniques, it reduces cosiderably the camera shaking that generates when you push the camera built in shutter button.
    Great gatget, great Price. I can say it is even better tan the original Nikon due to the led indicators.
  • Stylish, great quality

    posted by Perkeleh

    Good quality, nice price. Optional LED-connection (see "Other Thoughts") and a bit fancy with the lid and all :p
    To make the LED glow all the time - connect (+) to (3) under (ON)text and (-) to the one at the side of the (OFF)text.
    To make the LED only glow when the switch is ON - connect (+) to (1) under (OFF)text instead of (3)
    Quality is good, price is good, the look is good. Why not buy it?


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