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led grow lights

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led grow lights Customers Reviews

  • Awesome!

    posted by edcasmid

    really strong light, when i was testing it i got surprised how strong it is, my plants are growing faster then the did with other artificial lights.
    really nice light, and cheap considering other type of lights, low energy consume, which is really important nowadays
    buy it you won't regret, i'm really happy with this and i'm really gonna buy some more
  • Lamp works

    posted by norwegr

    Good light output. Relatively cheap. Ready to plug in.
    Ought to have a waterproof back side, IP44 at least; - then it would be useful in a greenhouse.
    Good light. Narrow beam. NG backing board.
  • Very bright

    posted by jpafi

    - Lots of light output- Good heat spreader (made of copper + aluminum)- Screw holes for mounting
    Dangerously bright. Never look into the LED directly, it will probably cause eye damage.The light power is enough to burn black fabric if you place it near the light. The light itself is cool (no IR), but it heats black objects quickly.
    It would be easy to make a very powerful plant grow light using these. Not so useful for room lighting, because it has too much light in too small area. Also the color is quite blue.
  • Red and blue light, perfect for plants growing

    posted by mingos3

    Works great.A lot of lightLow consumptionRed and blue light wich is the best color spectrum to assimilate chlorophyllVery lightweyght
    The item has 4 screw holes and 2 holes more, I suppose that the 2 extra holes are to connect the cablesThe back side is coated with copper
    Bright light but so much concentrated at a given point. Useful color light: blue and red color (460 nm and 680 nm ) have the appropiate wave lenght to be absorbed for the plants
  • So Far So Good

    posted by jlinnema

    Incredibly easy to solder due to the extended legs with through holes. Quite bright. Cool runningSeems to be the correct colors for plant response
    I received 4 of these just a few days ago. Currently running a 19.5V constant voltage supply, 3.3 OHM (10 W) resistor, and then two grow lights in series. The lights are affixed to a 3/8" thick plate of Al with an old P4 heatsink on the other side. Ran for 8 hours with minimal heat buildup and the basil seemed to respond well (went from curved towards the window to vertical while on)
    Much cheaper than purchasing a combination of 8 red and 1 blue LED, and so far seem to be functioning as expected.

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