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led grow lights Customers Reviews

  • It could have been better.

    posted by Gringotson

    Well as a light bulb producing light it does work.it has nice red and blue colours.it fits a regular E27 Socket.
    I have no other thoughts at this time.
    it may look good as a party light or in a teen bedroom, but as for growing plants it has no effect, i tried it both on baby plants and on adult plants with little to no effect. i would not recommend this product to any people looking for a grow light.
  • Seems to do the job

    posted by Protonite

    It works for now, seems to be pretty bright, as to be expected with 50W. Comes with cable and some hooks to hang it up, as seen on the pictures. Case is made of sheet metal and LEDs are mounted on an aluminium heat spreader that is glued inside. Light spread is pretty good, looks like the LEDs have a decent angle (probably more than 60°) and are not some narrow beamed types. So you can get pretty close to your plants and still have an even mix of red and blue. (Of course, if you want to hang the lamp far above the plant, or have some high growing plants, this could be a con...)
    As for an actual result, well, not much grown with these lights jet. I just started with two plants of the "Lowryder #2" strain a couple of days back and they just sprouted, so, we will see how these lamps do in about 8-12 weeks from now.
    I did some experiments with homemade LED lights for about a year and so far always had good results with healthy plants. (Mostly used cree and luxeon 1W LEDs). I've never actually used more than 50W for all my plants, so now i'm expecting even better grows with double the power. But we'll have to wait and see if the light mixture and wavelength actually works to keep the plants happy and healthy...
  • Very bright

    posted by jpafi

    - Lots of light output- Good heat spreader (made of copper + aluminum)- Screw holes for mounting
    Dangerously bright. Never look into the LED directly, it will probably cause eye damage.The light power is enough to burn black fabric if you place it near the light. The light itself is cool (no IR), but it heats black objects quickly.
    It would be easy to make a very powerful plant grow light using these. Not so useful for room lighting, because it has too much light in too small area. Also the color is quite blue.
  • So Far So Good

    posted by jlinnema

    Incredibly easy to solder due to the extended legs with through holes. Quite bright. Cool runningSeems to be the correct colors for plant response
    I received 4 of these just a few days ago. Currently running a 19.5V constant voltage supply, 3.3 OHM (10 W) resistor, and then two grow lights in series. The lights are affixed to a 3/8" thick plate of Al with an old P4 heatsink on the other side. Ran for 8 hours with minimal heat buildup and the basil seemed to respond well (went from curved towards the window to vertical while on)
    Much cheaper than purchasing a combination of 8 red and 1 blue LED, and so far seem to be functioning as expected.
  • Powerful and cheap LED

    posted by damyano

    The LED is really cheap. Here in Bulgaria i cannot find it for sale. The color temperature is good for plant growing. I`m using it in combination with other two LEds with different color temperatures and with 12V LED drivers for lighting an aquarium. The light produced by thes LED is very poweful. It is strongly recomended using it with a heatsink - the diode produces a large amount of heat. Without heatsink it will burn. Works with voltage 9 - 11 v. I`m using two omhs resistor in the + red wire to reduce the voltage of 10v, Working in 12 volts it heats too much. .
    Will buy more of this product. Really good, and i reccomend it.
    Power, quality and cheap


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