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  • LED dome light

    posted by _Diceman

    This comes with a variety of connectors so it can be used for dome lights as well as a replacement for boot or glovebox lights, although it will be exposed to the elements.
    It's fairly tiny and should fit in any festoon-type housing, while providing 1.5-2 times the light (rough guess) of the original 5W incandescent bulb, with only a quarter of the power consumption.
    With the various sizes we can find a balance between illumination, attention attraction (not desired in my case), and power consumption.
    This size is good for small to medium cars.
    The 12-LED one should also be small enough to fit in any festoon housing.
    The first decent mass-produced option for giving your car LED illumination. No more stuffing around with drivers, wiring diagrams and heatsinking.
  • bright, easy to connect light

    posted by larzman83

    - very bright LED lights
    - simply to install
    - various connectors for different applications
    would be nice if it came in waterproof housing for my application (mine is not used in a vehicle). Actually, any housing type would be nice, but it's made for specific replacement, so if used in that manner, it's fine.
    very easy to install and nice, bright LED lights
  • Fantastic Led Festoon

    posted by Batts

    I have had one of these in my 4x4 for over 18 months now and it is fantastic. It lights up the cabin with a nice white light it is in a different ball park compared to the origional globe. My 4x4 is my every day driver soI have the light switch set to door so it comes on every time I open it I wanted to see how long it lasts. Well it hasn't failed to come on once and is still as bright as the day I installed it.
    No more strainihg your eyes to read a map or look for something in the cab
    I would highly recomend this festoon globe as a replacement for your old globe.
  • Works great in my car

    posted by SeanB89

    Good lighting for the dashboard of my car. (Chevrolet Aveo 2010)It is still working well after a few months of usage. 4 Months to be exactly!Installation was very easy as it changing a light bulb. You don't have to be an expert to fit it into your car.
    I thought it might not fit, but fits great for a small led.
    It doesn't matter if the build quality looks cheap. The product works great and even after a long time of usage! Recommended product.
  • Excellent

    posted by SomRus

    Excellent LED panel. Very well, shines brightly! I advise everyone! The kit includes a set of adapters, be sure to let a suit. Also in the kit includes double-sided tape to stick.
    I advise everyone to buy a similar LCD panel, more vivid on the DX is not met! Works fine. Consumes little. Some pluses. Happy shopping!

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