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  • It is not a pocketlight it is a pocket spotlight

    posted by mangyst

    Powerful and robust pocketlight. Waterproof, dustproof etc. Produces strong bright white light.
    Very handy. But strobe and sos flash modes are not requred under my thumb. I recommend reconfigering the tail switch. Something like "full-half-low-off" cycle and flash modes available after holding the tail cap depressed for 3-5 sec.
    Excellent choice. And not expencive at all.
  • Bright, Better than Expected

    posted by Richsifu

    Well made, nice looking and nice design, strong clip, glow in the dark tail cap, nice bezel, smaller than a Maglite XL series light, very bright, nice color temp, good solid feeling switch, switches easily between modes with a slight touch.
    I like the strobe on this one too, it's fast but not super fast as many lights. about 9-10 flashes per second which I like as opposed to the normal 15-20 per second on most lights.
    Beam shines very far when focused and lights up a great area on flood. Almost no artifacts in the flood beam pattern.
    I have a few of these same type of lights, just about the exact same ones I got from Ebay for a little more money, but this one beats them all. It is considerably brighter and the whiter light makes it appear even brighter still and adds to the visibility of the light itself.
    Focus is very tight so you can see the shape of the LED as usual with this type of convex lens light, but even then the square is larger than the others I have making a larger spot and lighting up a larger area.
    Great EDC light. The belt clip is strong. Hard to get on your pants or belt but other than if you were doing cartwheels or back handsprings, I don't think it's going to fall off at all.
    Great light for the money, better than the ones sold on Ebay, I'm considering getting another one.
  • Very bright light

    posted by LucM70

    Very bright LED light with great range : light will shine on a wall 150 feet away !Small and light weight, very portable.Nice finish, mate black.Green switch is cool.The price ( $5.30) you can spend 3 times as much in a hardware store and still get a cheaper light.
    I have 4 AAA flashlights and this one is the best yet.Five bucks...... BUY IT NOWIt may take a long time to arrive but it's still worth the wait.
    Best five bucks I've ever spend on a flashlight !Highly recomended.
  • Flexible three stage light

    posted by CombatControl

    This light has good quality construction with the exception of the top switch, on all three examples I bought the rubber guard is slightly off-center.The light is very bright on high, the low setting throws a good beam as well. On flash it will dazzle anyone on the other end and would make a good signaling light. The surprise is the strong magnet on the bottom that will hold it in place very well on a metal surface.
    Handy size, fill the hand but no too much. Can be held in off and for pistol use much like more expensive lights with the same capabilities.
    Good light for general use, very good price.
  • muy buena!

    posted by emigs

    Muy buena linterna! Excelente calidad y funcionamiento! La usamos en tres juegos nocturnos de airsoft calidad y excelencia, el flash es genial para inmovilizar y un gran uso! Loego en buen tiempo a arhentina sin ningun problema llego a casa . No pague nada cuando llego 25 dias tardo sin problema alguno! Sirvee para todo mas de uso tactico militar policial deportes airsoft paintball muy taaavticoo
    La volveria a comprar. Muy buena linterna, de xenon

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