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led flashlight memory 5 mode

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  • Bright Spotting Light!

    posted by tbigktg

    This flashlight puts out a good bright white spot and plenty of flood. This flashlight comes on the brightest setting first which is nice because that it where it is run most often.
    The beveled edge in the picture looks pretty drastic... it isn't that bad. They are pretty deep but they aren't bad by far. I prefer the beveled edges so the flashlight can be placed head down and, if the light is on, the light can be seen. With a smooth edge, all the light is contained under the head and if you put it down, you may forget it is on.
    There is not a spring inside the flashlight. Instead it is a small cylindrical copper piece that makes contact with the battery. It is however, spring loaded inside the clicker end.
    It has the rubber O rings so it should be able to with stand the rain and probably 2 meters of water.
    This is my second professional flashlight. It shines out a bright white center spot. I have an older 800 lumens MT3 M3-2 flashlight which I also purchased from DealExtreme and it has a little more flood and a lesser defined yellow center spot.
    The battery in my MTE shook around a little inside the housing. The one seems nice and tight.
    I can hear something making a clicking noise when it shakes, but not like anything is loose.
    Even though this is displayed as 1200 lumens, it is not 50% brighter than my 800 lumens MTE M3-2
    This is a great light. If you do not have one of these high lumens flashlights (greater than 800), do yourself a favor and get one. They will out shine any of your Walmart flashlights, including the Maglites. You may be able to protect yourself better with a Maglite but the attacker will have a heck of a time finding you when he is blinded by all these lumens!!
  • Small wonder

    posted by ccr1911

    Good quality with very strong LED module. I doubt that it is 510 lumen, but I would believe that it is in the 350 range for only $12.20 US is an absolute steal. I works very well with TrustFire Protected 18650 Lithium Battery (2500mAh 2-Pack Blue) Deal Extreme #5790. I use synthetic grease to lube the fittings and O ring, to have a waterproof or at least water resistant seal.All 5 modes work well, with high quality throughout.
    Get them while you can at this price.
    Worthy every penny. No complains, only salutations
  • A good light

    posted by henkjankempers

    - Good switch with memory. If turned of for over half a minute, it will start in the last mode.- 5 modes: High > Mid > Low > Fast Strobe > SOS.- Small size with a lot of light.- Small enough for your pocket.
    - Other colours like olive, orange should be considered.- Maybe a on/off switch with second mode-switch could be an improvement, although it will affect the price.
    A good value for money flashlight with a lot of light.
  • Good light

    posted by adskoezlo

    -Price (I've bought 3 for $14,8 - great bargain);
    -Brightness (yes, it's far from P7's flood, but still useful as bike light);
    -Runtime (almost 3 hours in max mode);
    -After replacing the reflector with sku.1918, you get almost PERFECT close-range bike light: beam becomes a big, wide trapezoid - see my beamshot in review of sku.1918.
    Though the this light hasn't the output and flood of P7 based lights, it has nice runtime from one 18650, and it can be modified to very good close-range bike light.
    Good torch, worth its price.
    Wish to upgrade it with XP-G R5.
  • warm tint, good for trail use

    posted by frills

    This is an affordable P60-compatible drop-in module.
    It has mode memory, and will remember the last mode it was in before being turned off.
    The output of this module has a very warm tint, rivaling an incandescent xenon bulb.
    The light cast by the emitter produces excellent outdoor contrast, making it easier to identify objects and aiding depth perception.
    The warm-tinted emitter puts out larger quantities of red, yellow and green light, which covers the browns and greens of the outdoors very well and results in better contrast there than a cool tint.
    This is the only truly warm-tinted module on DX as far as I am aware. Warm-tinted emitters are somewhat rare where the raw numbers of lumen output rule.
    Sometimes contrast is more important than sheer output.

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