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  • Very good cheap and powerfull

    posted by faguncaz

    Compact , strong light , solid case, uses standards AAA cells. I do not buy other power led light but i consider this ipmpressed me and I consider it a very good product.The light is very impressive for the size of this light.The light is strong also with standard 1.2V rechargiable AAA batter.iesThe case is full metal so it seems to be solid.The switch works properly and seems to be solid.The focus allows wide beam or intese spot light
    No more to say
    Buy it . It is very good compact one
  • Flash light

    posted by jonlkl

    Bright and handy. All 3 torch in good working condition and material used seems rock solid.Rubber ring at threaded joint gave added assurance that its more or less water tight.
    Doesnt come with a torch pouch.Would be excellent if DX can source for a fitting pouch and add in as an option.
    Worth getting one for emergency use.
  • One of My Favourites

    posted by BanglaBob

    This torch is kind of like a jack-of-all-trades. The zooming function lets you use it to light up a fairly wide area (at close distance), or reach out into the darknesss out there. I have a SSC-P7 flooder for biking, and and assortment of other torches for various purposes, but the C30 is probably the one that will be used most. It's that useful!Triple-A batteries are easily gotten, and the small size of the torch lets you carry it everywhere - in your pocket or packed away in your luggage/backpack/whatever. I was initially concerned about the zooming action being flimsy, but it looks and feels well made with hardly any wobble at all. I really like it a lot.
    Although "only" rated at 100 lumens, at full zoom this baby really throws into the distance. BTW, it is slightly brighter using NiMh rechargeables than primary triple-A's. I use Powerex "Imedion" 800maH batteries with good results. I measured the light output at a distance of 1.5m using my Sekonic light meter (my hobby is photography).
    I showed it to my brother who owns an O Light M20 and he immediately asked if I could order one for him. Haha!
  • Excellent thing!

    posted by Babarin

    This flashlight is very small-sized. It uses 3 AAA battery with adapter (in stock) and this is very good. I can buy AAA battery anywhere in country, and 18650 are hard to find. Besides 18650-3xAAA adapter you'll get hand strap and head mount, both are very usefull. Actually, when my mom saw this flashlight, she just took it away from me, so this extra are lying somewhere. But they were good!Overall build quality is high, for every shipped item. Hand and head mounts are soft and have good grip, AAA adapter perfectly fits batteries and flash, flashlight itself is made of high quality plastic/glass material.
    BTW, there is no ANY modes except ON and OFF. Mind it, please. It's not a con for me (never was), but you can think otherwise
    If you need a bright LED flaslight, based on 3 AAA batteries with head mount - just buy this one
  • Nice solid bright flashlight

    posted by Lester86

    just recieved it today and it definitly meets all my expectations (used with AAA only so far)
    +comes in a nice box
    +has a very solid feel to it (also the switch on the back)
    +no annoying modes to go through just on and off
    +very bright for its size
    nice bright flashlight that has a solid feel to it. It looks and feels way more expensive then it really is. I'm going to keep this in my car for emergency's.

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