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  • wow

    posted by tpilk

    Great quality, very sturdy feeling, thick and chunky!Bright with 18650s, haven't tried with AAAs yet, but nice to know they are an option.Zoom feature is handy for use in different environments with both full flood and full throw being completely usable.Threads were all oiled, and o-rings.
    Very satisfied with this light!Showed it to a co-worker who was looking at lights elsewhere for 20 times the price, and his jaw hit the floor. He could not believe that this light cost as little as it did. I think I may have ruined his productivity for the rest of the day because he went straight to DX when I told him where I got it and probably browsed for hours.
    A great zooming cree light for the money. Perfect for my intended use. I'd buy another in a heartbeat.
  • Good zoomable light for its price

    posted by wipe2002

    + As bright as Cree lamps in a same class+ Compact size (length is 93 / 100 mm min./max. zoom)+ Quite wide zoom range (see below)+ Decent switch+ Reasonable price+ Uses 1xAA battery+ No strobe or SOS modes+ Has a real driver circuitry (which is visible inside)+ Versatile lanyard+ Tailstands (not very well when a key ring is installed but still)
    I compared this "3W" flashlight to the other zoom torches I have bought from DX: C78 & RC-C6.From a distance of 80 cm their spot's diameters are (in max./min. zoom position):"3W" (this one): 7 / 70 cmC78: 8 / 50 cmRC-C6: 5 / 90 cmSo "3W" has bigger zoom range than C78 but smaller than what RC-C6 has.I seemed to me that "3W" would give little more light than C78 or RC-C6 (latter uses a 3.7 V lithium cell). Differences are very hard to see with an eye so I adjusted their spots to a same size and used my lux meter. Max. value was: "3W" (this one): 201 luxC78: 122 luxRC-C6: 184 luxC78 has bluer tint than RC-C6 and "3W" has yellower. Driver circuitry works down to 0.45 V taking 1.1 amps then. With 1.5 V it takes more than 2 amps (from my 2 A lab power supply).
    Basic zoom lamp. Quite ok.
  • Excellent thing!

    posted by Babarin

    This flashlight is very small-sized. It uses 3 AAA battery with adapter (in stock) and this is very good. I can buy AAA battery anywhere in country, and 18650 are hard to find. Besides 18650-3xAAA adapter you'll get hand strap and head mount, both are very usefull. Actually, when my mom saw this flashlight, she just took it away from me, so this extra are lying somewhere. But they were good!Overall build quality is high, for every shipped item. Hand and head mounts are soft and have good grip, AAA adapter perfectly fits batteries and flash, flashlight itself is made of high quality plastic/glass material.
    BTW, there is no ANY modes except ON and OFF. Mind it, please. It's not a con for me (never was), but you can think otherwise
    If you need a bright LED flaslight, based on 3 AAA batteries with head mount - just buy this one
  • Great little flashlight

    posted by kopiovastaava

    Great, versatile flashlight for non-professional use.
    In flood mode, the beam is very wide and evenly lit. Turn it into torch, and you get a very narrow and bright beam In the other end, you get a very narrow and bright beam enabling to see more than hundred meters in the darkness.
    I put in fresh AAA batteries and turned the light on 1h 50 minutes ago, and I don't see a noticeable dimming so far. Can't compare to another unit with fresh batteries, though. In my opinion this is already sufficient for casual use when camping, at the summer cottage or in the event of a power failure. And there is the power save mode, if a longer use is expected.
    I can't understand the complaints about rattling, and bad beam adjustment that I saw on the comments. I think the build quality is good. I just ordered 4 further units.
    Excellent for the price! Go get it!
  • The best flashlight on the market

    posted by guissona

    Strong lighting, thanks to its powerful lens and a small footprint.
    Strong and good manufacturing.
    LED has a large capacity allows you to zoom the beam.
    The material is hard and resistant but not water is the best option among all that I purchased.
    There are accessories to manipulate the light beam as switches and faceplates, bicycle clips and covers for it.
    Totally recommended.
    it is not bottomline and therefore not comment.


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