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  • Excellent thing!

    posted by Babarin

    This flashlight is very small-sized. It uses 3 AAA battery with adapter (in stock) and this is very good. I can buy AAA battery anywhere in country, and 18650 are hard to find. Besides 18650-3xAAA adapter you'll get hand strap and head mount, both are very usefull. Actually, when my mom saw this flashlight, she just took it away from me, so this extra are lying somewhere. But they were good!Overall build quality is high, for every shipped item. Hand and head mounts are soft and have good grip, AAA adapter perfectly fits batteries and flash, flashlight itself is made of high quality plastic/glass material.
    BTW, there is no ANY modes except ON and OFF. Mind it, please. It's not a con for me (never was), but you can think otherwise
    If you need a bright LED flaslight, based on 3 AAA batteries with head mount - just buy this one
  • Good zoomable light for its price

    posted by wipe2002

    + As bright as Cree lamps in a same class+ Compact size (length is 93 / 100 mm min./max. zoom)+ Quite wide zoom range (see below)+ Decent switch+ Reasonable price+ Uses 1xAA battery+ No strobe or SOS modes+ Has a real driver circuitry (which is visible inside)+ Versatile lanyard+ Tailstands (not very well when a key ring is installed but still)
    I compared this "3W" flashlight to the other zoom torches I have bought from DX: C78 & RC-C6.From a distance of 80 cm their spot's diameters are (in max./min. zoom position):"3W" (this one): 7 / 70 cmC78: 8 / 50 cmRC-C6: 5 / 90 cmSo "3W" has bigger zoom range than C78 but smaller than what RC-C6 has.I seemed to me that "3W" would give little more light than C78 or RC-C6 (latter uses a 3.7 V lithium cell). Differences are very hard to see with an eye so I adjusted their spots to a same size and used my lux meter. Max. value was: "3W" (this one): 201 luxC78: 122 luxRC-C6: 184 luxC78 has bluer tint than RC-C6 and "3W" has yellower. Driver circuitry works down to 0.45 V taking 1.1 amps then. With 1.5 V it takes more than 2 amps (from my 2 A lab power supply).
    Basic zoom lamp. Quite ok.
  • Well built, aesthetically pleasing flood to throw

    posted by nagpalji

    The RC-C6, like all other Romisens I've seen so far is excellent in the build quality department. Solid construction, lubed threads and in general a class that's missing from the Ultrafires. Not to mention the hard orange clicky that offers resistance to your thumb and makes a satisfying contact.
    In addition this light scores in the aesthetic department too with the orange bezel over the cap/lens.
    Really small, just slightly longer (few mm) than the WF-606A on CR2.
    Comes packed in a hard paper tube (not paper, not cardboard, something in between) instead of bubble wrap.
    Flood is total flood, without any spot at all.
    I was looking for a pocket FTT (Flood to Throw) light and this satisfies at least the "pocket" part. RC-29 has decent reviews (on youtube as well) but this was mentioned to be brighter so went for this.
    I don't have another FTT so I can't compare, but if (like me) you're looking for a good looking, robust pocket torch with an ability to give useful flood, then get it. Otherwise there are cheaper alternatives (C30, C78).
  • Excellent Torch

    posted by tommygun9

    Very BrightLight projects farWell builtSmall sizeLong battery lifeCheap
    This is an excellent torch that can light up the far sides of valleys with only one AAA battery - it's much brighter than the name brand torches at my work that take 3 AAAs.Inside the light is almost blinding (so be careful) but outside it creates day light.It's also small and well made so it's easy to through into a bag.Since buying it five months ago I still haven't had to change the battery.I am considering getting more!
  • Small cheap flashlight.

    posted by abkru

    An easy way to turn. Zoom. It can be put upright to light up. He did not skate on the horizontal axis. Operates on AA batteries. Small size and light weight.
    Slightly larger because of the power button. But still small and easy to carry in your pocket.
    Cheap flashlight for you. Small size and weight to carry at all times. Operates on AA batteries and a battery of 14 450.


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