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led flashlight kit

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led flashlight kit Customers Reviews

  • Great all-in-one kit but with flaws

    posted by tohterry

    + Light weight and whistle is loud
    + Very bright LED, though there is only 1
    + It has a big rubbery button to turn on the LED
    + No air bubbles in the compass or thermometer
    + Unscrew it to reveal the small mirror and magnifier, with a small compartment (not water tight)
    To change the battery for the LED, you need to remove the screw inside the compartment and open up the battery cover (requires some effort to remove the cover). It uses two 3v 2016 cell batteries, if you replace it with one 2032 it will be quite dim.
    On my laptop screen, the photos shows it as black but it is actually dark green.
    Despite of the flaws, it is still a handy all-in-one tool to carry along while outdoor in remote locations.
  • very nice and good quality

    posted by mhaziq

    Very nice and very finely built. extremely light weight and very good size. One extra set of cells is also very nice to have. The light of this flash light is very strong. It does not cover large area as the are no concave reflectors inside the light but still it can be very useful in cars and searching for small items maybe underneath the sofa or other corners.
    definitely a good flashlight if you can afford it.
    go for it
  • Multifunctional

    posted by recepm71

    Great prodact, light, functional, easy to use, cheap and useful. Do the job as described. Light weight and smal. You can put it your pocket or your backpack side pocket.
    Durable, easy carried and well maded. A great stuff to have in your backpak.
    As aresult functional and benefical product. I would like to buy another one for my brother.If you are a backpack hiker like me it is very useful tool to have.
  • Gone fishing

    posted by NyaLen

    The flint and iron are good qualty and I made sparks with no problem. The flashlight works well, it has a great luminiscense power.It has included a wistle and a cotton cord, usefull.
    Don´t recomend it. Has manofacture problems.
    Buy this item only if you are shure that it will arrive your home in one piece.
  • Great DYI kit

    posted by gearhounds

    Very nice kit, tightly machined threads with no sloppy looseness, clean even finish, all O-rings included. Threads are bright and free of anodizing where necessary for maximum electrical conduction. Truly only need a driver and emitter to get going. Great mass for heat sinking. Basically an Aurora V6 (sku 12346) which only comes with a P4 emitter. No lettering which makes this light look really sharp.
    The pill is set up to accomodate a 14mm emitter and a 16mm driver. I assembled mine with sku 1885 emitter which required some dremel work on the brass fit ring and Q5 emitter sku 11023 which was a direct fit. The result is an excellent thrower considering it is a straight walled pocket light running off just a 18650 battery.
    A great bargain on a well made set of parts and worth the investment. A fun project for beginners and pros alike. An added OP reflector would really round out this kit. Now if DX could only set up a DIY kit for sku 12343 I would be set.


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