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led flashlight kit

The led flashlight kit your looking for is one of our top sellers. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Find more popular products from blue led flashlight, solar led flashlight. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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led flashlight kit Customers Reviews

  • Great product

    posted by theorangecarrot

    This was a great buy, pros were:
    -Great price for what it is
    -Great camo design on it
    -High power LED torch, comes with batteries already installed and ready to use
    -Accurate compass
    -Accurate thermometer
    -Good quality neck rope
    -Magnifying glass is crystal clear
    One trick i discovered how to do with this is that if you take the magnifying glass and mirror out together (they are the black part in the middle) then look into it, you can see a reflection of your own eye magnified. Not exactly a survival skill but awesome nontheless.
    Comes in a sturdy box too so unlikely to be damaged in the mail.
    I would highly recommend buying this, for only a few dollars you can get what you wound pay $11.99 for in a camping shop.
  • Gone fishing

    posted by NyaLen

    The flint and iron are good qualty and I made sparks with no problem. The flashlight works well, it has a great luminiscense power.It has included a wistle and a cotton cord, usefull.
    Don´t recomend it. Has manofacture problems.
    Buy this item only if you are shure that it will arrive your home in one piece.
  • DX and Aurora got it right

    posted by LukeA

    Well built. The machining on mine was very good and the the threads were clean and deep. The whole light is well designed.
    I like the removable pill and the two-piece head design.
    It has no sharp edges, which is great for an EDC. Even the edges where the faces meet the round body are knocked down.
    It also has o-rings everywhere, including the lens. That was a nice surprise. (No lens o-ring is my only gripe about the Trustfire TR-801.)
    Tailstands. It sits on the switch boot but still points up and is fairly stable.
    There are 11 threading operations done in aluminum for this light, and they are all well done.
    The lanyard is a good one. It's wrist sized and thick, and the plastic piece is rounded so as to be anti-snag.
    There are five faces, not the six that I expected, and the faces aren't flat, they're slightly concave. That may be a con or it may not matter.
    The switch boot has dots instead of facets like the standard one, but is the same size.
    Aurora got the design right and DX got it right by offering the empty kit.
    I'm a pretty positive guy, but the light wouldn't get straight five-star ratings from me if I didn't think it was really good.
  • High quality - very bright - recommended

    posted by extremebert

    Was unsure what to expect, since when I ordered there were no reviews of this item. I was looking for a flashlight to attach to my keys and to carry with me at all times.It's absolutely great. Comes in a very nice cardboard box plus black foaming to hold the flashlight and the spare batteries. Flashlight feels very very high quality, similar to some of the really expensive bigger lights (original brands) I own. I bought it because of size and I love it. It really is so small !! But at the same time it's really really bright. Enough for my purpose.Can't comment about battery consumption, but it's not meant to run for a long time anyway. Just when I occasionally need some light to find a key hole or similar.You switch it on by turning the back end. It requires much more turning than just a 1/4 turn like on other flashlights I own. This is really good, because it will prevent accidental switching on in my pocket.
    Unfortunately DX doesn't sell the orange version of it. That's the color my wife would love to have...
    Recommended. I already ordered several more. Makes a nice gift.
  • cute

    posted by Chiarossi

    is a nice object, a beautiful strong purple color. the whistle emits a beautiful sound and the light is blue light, while the compass is tiny and black. a small gift that fits quite at low price ....
    Gift is a cute but not excellent to do with friends or just want to keep for himself and used in the montage or camping trips
    In conclusion we can say that is not very good ... I expected better ... but for the price that that's OK ... Gift is a cute but not excellent.

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