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led flashlight clip Customers Reviews

  • Great multi-purpose flashlight

    posted by liort

    Very convenient, using standard AAA batteries, the light is enough for a small room, the zoom function adds additional value. Aluminum body feels strong and robust. Could stand in a vertical position.
    Great backup light in case of power failure or when working in some dark poorly-lit areas.
    Really good value for money, can be used in various situations, compact size, lightweight. I will definitely buy a replacement if this one breaks.
  • Nice little micro torch

    posted by AbbeyC12

    Good power from single AAA, has a clip so you can clip it to your shirt pocket. Very light and after you clip it on you can forget it is there it's so light.Nice spread as well with a good focused spot for inspection work. Battery life was pretty good too.
    Would make a great gift, keep one in your car for emergency use. Light enough for mountain climbers and bright enough to signal with.
    Get one, in fact get three and hand them out as gifts, your mates will love them.
  • Brilliant (literally!)

    posted by Sparrowhawk

    And I thought sku.1254 was bright! This makes it look very dim indeed.
    Lovely bright light with a good throw, hurts your eyes a lot to look at directly.
    Has a simple on/off switch with no modes.
    Good weight, while it doesn't feel too heavy it does feel quite solid with a good heft to it.
    Um, none really. Good an' bright, nice feel in your hand, simple switch for those who just want a light to see with, looks good...
    Whether you're a collector/hobbyist or just want a nice torch, get this one! It's great and not too expensive.
  • Good output in a small package.

    posted by RangerRandP

    Good Light output especially considering the size.
    Fits comfortably in the hand, but does not feel like it will slip.
    Small size, perfect for the pocket.
    The back switch is textured which is nice for finding it without looking.
    Uses either CR123 or rechargeable 16340 which are rather easy to find.
    Skip the clip all together and machine the whole thing round.
    The reflector is filled, which works, but does not throw a beam at all.
    The threads are good and clean, but light still looses contact every now and then. Easily fixed just wiggle around a little bit.
    It is press fitted together so modding would not be simple.
    It works for close up and gives out alot of light for it's compact size. Would recommend to someone who isn't looking to tinker with it and just needs a small light with decent output.
  • Love it !

    posted by MusicalBox63

    - Excellent little flashlight- Portable : fits in any pocket, purse etc...- Trows a very good amount of light considering the size of the reflector.- Very nice finish. I bought it almost two months ago and it's always in my pocket. I see no scratches yet.
    - The light coming out of this little thing is quite impressive.It's much brighter than the mini Maglight (with LED) that my son is using at work since a couple of years (He's an electrician). In fact when he saw my P21 he beged me to order him one.Can't say yet how long a single battery will last. I use the light on regular basis, maybe an average of one or two times a day, for short period of time and I'm still on the original Energizer AA. That's good enough for me.
    If you need a good, reliable flashlight that you can always cary with you, don't hesitate. This one is perfect.


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