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led flashlight black

Buy a led flashlight black from DX.com! It's your best choice. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. aaa led flashlight, led laser flashlight may be more suitable for you. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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led flashlight black Customers Reviews

  • Great Emergency Hammer

    posted by BySgUi2

    Comes with a rechargeable flashlight. The hammer is pleasant to touch. Good finish. Works like a charm. The light is so bright and can help you if you need to change your tires in the night.Vem com uma lanterna recarregável. O martelo é agradável ao toque. Bom acabamento. Funciona bem. A luz é bem forte e pode te ajudar quando precisar trocar pneus a noite.
    No more words to say.
    Security is a thing you must think before something bad happen. So, stay safe with this hammer in your car.
  • Bright but large

    posted by tkotzi

    Now this light is bright. I used to have an old Surefire 2 battery light on my rifle. I switched the batteries out of Surefire and put them inside this thing. This new light seems like twice as bright as my old light with the exactly same set of batteries. Also the build quality seems ok The lens could be better but I think this will be good enough.
    I'm not sure I will like the vertical grip. I shoot fastest with my own grip which is kind of a mix of traditional mp5-grip and the modern "magpulvideostance". Especially my transitions suck with vertical grip because I feel like I lose the precision from my horizontal swings from target to target if I hold by the grip. How ever, I can still use my own style and hold by this grip when I need to use the light so it's not a serious problem.
    If you like vertical grips, get this one. It's a nice combination of taclight and grip. Why have them separate when you can shave off some weight of your set-up this way.
  • Great product

    posted by Moulindu

    Great product on affordable price, quick shipping, product as described. Working well for holding my scope, no zero shift. Allen key provided with each pair of rings.
    Should provide protective tape on the inside of the mounts. Base screws should have been compatible with allen keys.
    I am going to buy the same product again if required
  • It's a bright bugga

    posted by ae25nz

    bright light. waterproof. easy to use. well made.
    If theres a chance of rough use or banging into things, consider purchase a spare pack of glass lenses. 52 diameter. Handle is thinner than i'm used to but still nice to hold. More weight in the head so feels better balanced with 3 batteries fitted.
    Its a nice torch with plenty of power.
  • could have been a perfect flash light if...

    posted by sadi113

    good build quaility....even brighter than the center throw of my XM-L T6 900 lumen flash light....good design for the lens.it survived a full washed from a washing machine took it from the wash when the cycle was finished turned it on and was still working.
    please add additional mode to this light so it could be perfect....
    this could have been a perfect flash light if it has a Lo-Mid-Hi mode or Lo-Hi mode so it will last longer when you dont need bright light setting.

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