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led flashlight black Customers Reviews

  • AAA flashkight

    posted by navarro181

    really smallhas cliplast about 2-3 hours with a normal AAA battery looks really nice
    i like the color
    buy it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Super bright and great price

    posted by Cr0wbar

    - The light is extremely bright. Both the light output and the distance the light will travel is very noticable when compared with a single LED light. - It's easy to use. Simply press the green rubber backing.- It's very compact as well. I wanted something small for my car keys and the size is perfect. - Great price too- Generally great build quality
    Just a note, don't forget to remove the paper circle from inside. There's some paper to stop the batteries running dead in transit. If you turn it on for the first time and it doesn't work, the paper packaging is probably still there.
    I would highly recommend this to anybody. It's a great addition to my car keys.
  • Great for kids

    posted by dandymon

    Very cheap and hard wearing. I also found these the easiest to program as they work with various pieces of software.Does indeed tune from 400MHz and the flashlight is a nice touch for those camping.
    If you program these into PMR frequencies (and reduce the power of course to stay legal ;o) they are excellent as toys and even then some for camping. They are not to be sniffed at.
    Get one at least - they are that cheap but I think the BF888s are better in quality if you want to go for a quality radio.
  • Overall its very useful

    posted by sage50

    Very solid
    I bought this as part of my emergency kid. My area recently had a very long blackout and my old portable radio did not work.I like that this has a series of LED lights and a dyanmo to charge my phone (albeit it will charge very slowly).Any problems you do have with this item in terms of reception etc can be fixed by putting the item in the sun to charge.When it begins to run out of power the following occurs.At first you start to loose audio quality.Then the small LCD screen will not function (but if you juice it up with the dynamo you'll see it.)Lastly what you'll find is that you only get reception for a little while and then static.
    This would be an excellent addition to your emergency kit. Buy it and have it lying around. Its small, portable and much more sturdy than I thought.
  • Gets hot.

    posted by Nidanman

    It has UV leds in it. You can use this flashlight for example to spot counterfeit money or spots in your friends sheets.Nice aluminium frame and good finish.Uses AAA batteries, cheap and easy to find.Very compact design.
    It could be a bit more powerful but it is very compact. Fits in your pocket.
    Dirt cheap UV flashlight that works. If you remotely think of needing one, buy it.


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