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  • UltraFire 18WG-T60 is brighter

    posted by dksskdl

    Bright narrow-focused beam. Brighter than most other flashlights on DX. Durable.
    Having two batteries should last longer. This doesn't get as warm as the 18WG-T60. With this one the brightest setting is not a huge increase in brightness from the dimmer setting.
    A good buy, but not the best option.
  • best light with XM-L

    posted by venuz

    - it throws better than other XMLs with OP/SMO reflectors but with narrower flood;
    - first of my XMLs which has no greenish/yellowish ring around a spot, color is really white;
    - decent build quality, dual o-rings;
    - good heat sink, pill is screwed as with old mte/uf sf-2X, star is screwed too with thermal paste.
    bought this flashlight because i've heard it has linear 8x7135 driver. but mine came with 3-mode driver (sku.100164), 3.75A on high. i've replaced the driver myself so now i really love this torch. i have others XMLs but this one is the best.
    best light with XM-L. flood is not wide but enough for bike, spot is just great, no more yellowish ring.
  • Great bright

    posted by Csbublitz

    super bright, nearly too bright!
    nice wide beam
    reaches 250 meters in dark nights
    narrow beam, perfect for medium distances
    perfect for night hunting
    This is a great little torch that could be fantastic. The gripes I've mentioned are fairly minor, except for the mode memory. Buy one and try it. Thirty three dollars is money well spent for this level of brightness.
    Good light, especially for the money. it is brighter than a P60 P7 by far, and brighter than many cheaper P7 lights.
  • Very nice flashlight with good quality

    posted by MVahlroos

    Very bright and handy. Good build quality. More like handheld spotlight than regular flashlight. Gives very good cone of light and nice flood pattern beyond that. Quite natural shade of white, not too "cold" of "warm" in spectrum.
    Does not heat up almoust at all, but drains cells quite fast, but it does give You very good light, until it runs cells "dry".
    Good choice for emergency flashlight in car, boat or anything like that or just for home. Also very good for camping and common outdoors activities. All those concidering You have vast number of charged 18650 cells with You (I always have atleast 4 fully charged cells with me in my backpack).
  • Very good flashlight

    posted by kde11

    - Very good build quality.- All 5 LEDs are _really_ connected in serial.- Internal switched step-up DC-DC convertor.- Extensible chasis tube so the flashlight can be used with either 2x or 3x 18650 batteries.- Quite good LED heatsink.- Price.
    I've disassembled the flashlight and confirm these photos (made by other user):http://www.dealextreme.com/customerphotos/quarantined/201104/57380-2d5c249d-3b0d-4b6c-aa43-38929da6c2f6.jpghttp://www.dealextreme.com/customerphotos/quarantined/201104/57380-b5c874bb-705a-4130-9392-fddb7d174ccb.jpgI've measured the result current (through LEDs) and it's 0.6A in max brightness mode (instead of 1A). So, the flashlight doesn't produce declared 1200 lumens, but it's still very bright. I don't think that it's a total con since the flashlight (I repeat) is still very bright whereas it helps to prolong LEDs' total life and battery energy.
    I think this is really good flashlight - it has perfect price and it is very bright. It's possible to light up the entire room with it in a dark time (because it also emits side light). Also it produces very good light beam in the center that is capable to light up objects up to 30-50 meters away and is very noticeable even on objects at 100m distance. I'd recommend it to everybody who needs extremely bright flashlight for a great price.p.s. Don't forget to buy good batteries :)

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