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  • Excellent!

    posted by lukasandrysik

    * Price is good* Keeps really constant brightness even if input voltage from batteries is desreasing over time*Very good built - all threads are fine and smooth, It really feels much smoother than cheap flashlights*BackCap glows at night - When you wake up in the middle of night, you can really find this flashlight in total darkness - it glows really all night (but your eyes must be adjusted to darkness)*One mode - I like hate strobe and SOS nonsense!*Doesnt get hot even after longer usage
    It has arrow spot beam.At 2.4V it drains 0.6AAt 1.2V it drains 2.2AFor more info watch my video (hope it gets approved)
    Excellent super good built flashlight, definetly worth the money!
  • First impressions - useful and powerful

    posted by PM_CZ

    - This flashlight HAS the mode memory (unlike C3/P4/5-mode model)
    - The mode can be switched by slightly depressing the clicky for a split second, without visibly switching off the light
    - Sanyo NiMH 2700 Supperlattice AAs (14mm) fit without a problem, I measured that the flashlight lasted 5.5h on two of them (after running on high for 5 minutes).
    - The driver circuit keeps the light quite bright and when the brightness drops, it will turn off in a matter of minutes
    - I received the flashlight this Monday since the post office forgot to inform me that they had it laying there since last week.
    -Don't use two 14500 in this flashlight, it is outside of the specs and some people report that they killed the C3/P4 with them
    - Came switched to SOS mode, took some time to work out the mode switching since no manual is included.
    - I did not measure the driver circuit output, but the input values (Ain, Vin) are following:
    1AA NiMH (1.25V when measured)
    1.8A on HIGH
    0.77A on MEDIUM
    0.22A on LOW
    2AAs NiMH (2.6V when measured)
    2.65A on HIGH
    0.35A on MEDIUM
    0.12A on LOW
    I am not a flashoholic so I can't compare this flashlight with other, but it looks great and the performance is great too, I only hope that the emitter will last.
  • Good cost-benefit

    posted by jorgeaugusto79

    Good light, well-built, very bright,good quality material.
    The choice between batteries really makes difference.
    Makes a lot of light, but is not a good thrower (my sku.32878 throws almost twice than this) but is not a big issue for me, because the relation throwing-to-flooding is well balanced.
    Buy one if you use in a distance between 5 - 30 meters. In this distance, the flooding is satisfatory, and the throwing don´t let you disappointed.
    Not at all. Buy if you like flashlights.
  • Don't drop it!

    posted by Sturmreiter

    Very reasonable Price indeed. Works great and is easy to use. Would recommend it anytime with one litte drawback, thats the part we talk about the cons.
    Handle it with care and it will give you much enjoyment an satisfaction. But as I haven't seen anything like this for this price, I'd rather learn to be more cauticous than buying any other lamp without having the chance to test it in advance.
  • Bright Flashlight.

    posted by ultrazoom

    • High mode is quite bright.
    • Flexibility of using 1 or 2 AAs. Even with 1 AA, it seems only slightly dimmer than with 2 AAs when at High.
    • Always turns on with Mid (not last used mode), which is fine for me. Tapping the clicky lightly goes to the next mode, so not a fuss for me since this can be performed quickly and easily.
    • Some cleaning and re-lubricating might be necessary.
    • I have yet to do any run-time test, so I will take what most reviews said about it.
    At this price, I am pretty satisfied with its performance and the flexibility.


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