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led emitter Customers Reviews

  • Very high luminosity

    posted by tymop

    A very high luminosity level. I tried it in a long hall without any other light and i saw very well.
    I will buy some others to try a little.If OK, i will create spot light in my house.
  • Great price!

    posted by ecotack

    Cheap, Great for soldering your own LEDs to. The pads solder easy.-ve and +ve are clearly marked.Same size and shape as used on many LEDs.
    I use to solder the LEDs to the stars by tinning the boards, placing the LEDs in place and then heating the heat sink with a small torch until the solder flows. But when soldering lots of LEDs this takes time and I usually burn myself. I found a better solution is gluing the heat dissipation pad on the back of the LED to the heat sink, with a suitable heat transfer glue and then soldering the legs when the glue is set. More likely to get them in the correct position.
    Cheap enough in a big bag, why not?
  • Nice but poorly documented

    posted by glenn

    Cheap, compact, nice "lens" that act as a diffusor.
    Nice little toy for a good price.It came wrapped in buuble plastic, and all connetors where bent, but it was possible to restore it.
    The pin marked with an dot is the (common) anode, then R,G,B clockwise.I feeded it with 350mA and the maximum voltages listed in the description, I suspect that you probably can feed it a bit more current.
  • I use them for everything

    posted by imprtvizion

    They're cheap, bright and can handle a lot of volts. I plugged them into a 9 volt battery and worked fine without a resistor. I'm been replacing a lot of regular LCD bulbs with these on just about everything. Nightlight, Multiple LED spotlight bulbs, push button LED lamps.I used it for a lot of stuff and they're so cheap if the leads off the bulb bend too much and break off I just put in another. I've bought about 20 of them so far, not one has went dead during use. I leave it on all night as a night light. I tried leaving one on all day and night without a battery change. Seems to last about 2 days then starts to dim and then just die out. But, nothing some new batteries can't fix. Has a nice throw for a single LED, nice hotspot.
    how can you lose its cheap enough to experiment with.
    I will probably buy more of these when I'm done putting them in everything else that I can. But, for now I guess what I have now will have to do unless 1 watt emitters become cheaper then I can mess with those instead.
  • Very bright

    posted by debubudeh

    Throws off a lot of infrared light
    Used to make a sensor bar for my wii that runs off the computers USB port. Pretty sure the power requirements are way out of the usb spec, so I don't know if the led isn't shining at full brightness or if my ports are supplying more power than they should, but it works great. I live in an apartment and can use the wiimotes all the way across the apartment so I don't know what the maximum range is. I'm using with sku 4626 which seems to help with the wiimote's ability to see the leds.
    Very bright emitter and very hot.

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