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led emitter yellow Customers Reviews

  • This small piece is really bright !!!

    posted by EteXor

    This small 10W component is really bright. I can’t say it is 450 lumens but you can illuminate a whole room for sure. Be aware not to stare directly to the emitter or you will fill your eyes burning for a few seconds. Too much, he! Well, what I am trying to say is that it is really a powerful emitter.
    Use a proper heat-sink or it will become really hot and might result damaged very soon.
    No easy way to attach to a heat-sink. I am still trying to find a practical way to do that.
  • Wow, amazingly bright!

    posted by NielV

    Wow, this thing is amazing. One of them will light up your whole living room without adding any lens. Just use it as is (add a heatsink though).
    Certainly can be used for stage lighting, which is what I bought it for.
    It produces a clean white light.
    The plastic moulding has + and - marks on it. The narrow outer strips can be used for connecting power, but for a clean tight installation you cut off the narrow strips and solder wires to the contact pads inside the plastic frame. The plastic frame has holes for passing the wires either out the back or out the sides, very nice design.
    Even at 20W it will produce enough light for most applications, so you might want to run it at low power to extend life.
    I love this thing, keen to have a look at the 100W module also.
    Great LED, I'll buy more but the price is making me think twice so I'll be careful to select the right one for what I need.

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