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led emitter warm white Customers Reviews

  • It's great LED

    posted by Mawco

    Most powerful LED for price on DX. It has very nice light color. It is pure yellow in the sideways and the cold white in center. Alltogether is very close to dayligh, maybe little more warm. I can say its true 1600lm. Compared with other 10W LED /400lm and this one is 3-4 brighter without doubt.
    Very bright output with very decent color for very good price... what more we should want? Only if it doesn't produce so much heat...
    Worth every € that i paid... Buy it if you need plenty of light for unbeatable price.
  • Would get one again

    posted by thanar

    Bright as the sun, and of a really nice warm white color, no noticeable strange hues.
    This is my first emitter for a DIY project. More specifically, I had an Energizer lantern around that thought it would be better off with a LED lamp. Did not use any driver or additional electronic parts, the lantern is powered by 3x1.5V batteries, could be too much for the emitter if the batteries are new, time will tell.
    I would definitely get a new one if some new batteries toast this baby, since 4.5V is quite more than the rated 3.4V.
  • Bright as Hell and hot as well

    posted by luizchorta

    Bright, really warm light. I've been using this for 5 months now around 5 hours a day. It's impressive how bright this thing is. I think it can easily substitute a 100+ halogen .
    I ve bought 10 of this and I hope that they will last.
    The price could be lower.
  • Good Price for warm light

    posted by SuperS

    - Easy to use kit with 3 adapters to fit most applications (most others do not have the BA9S adapter)- Light colour is warm; not at all the cool/blue white that some LEDs have- Double sided tape/foam assembly will adhere to most surfaces.- good quality soldering of LEDs
    - LED assembly is NOT 3.6W; it uses 0.106A @ 12V (~1.27W)- See 101374 for similar LED (slightly warmer colour but about the same brightness)
    - Descent assembly with everything you need to light a small area (car interior)
  • really brigth and nice warm color temperature

    posted by PumaLBust

    It's really bright (I have no chance to measure or compare to anything).
    The color temperature is fine, homogeneous warm white.
    The metal plate can be easily mounted to heat sink. The electric contacts are suitable to use with clips or even with soldiered contacts.
    I am going to build a reflector or projector type headlight for my bicycle. I've tested the emitter with a driver circuit, power source was 4 18650 batteries, so the voltage was almost perfect to drive.
    The diffused light was bright enough at maximum nominal current, and it became really more than enough when I've put on a lens to make a throw beam.
    I suggest to buy this emitter for build smaller interior lights, or other DIY projects.


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