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led emitter warm white

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led emitter warm white Customers Reviews

  • 16W at 14v, 8W at 12v, 4W at 11v

    posted by f11lbert

    Do not see how to correct review so I am writing new one instead of just adding details in my previous review.
    I didn't try it on 14v but even on 12v it is extrimly hot - warms up huge tube I placed the LED on - 1 meter 20mmX20mm of alumni.And the brightness unbearable under kitchen cabinet - blicks and shine.By the way current for 12v is 0,66A, so this is only 8W consumption. May be on 14v it consumes 16W but I do not think it will increase brightness twice and that this is good mode for the LED.But then I add resistor, 2Om. Current drop to 330mA, so this is 4W. Strip is not so damned hot (but you still need additional hotsink).And brightness just ok as for working light under kitchen cabinets. Color is very good, do not change color of food.
    For usage as 4W lamp it's perfectly ok. But the price is too high.
  • Wrong voltage part.

    posted by jmd

    A lot of light output, and the build quality is very good.
    The item I received may have been sku 80513 instead, but it was labeled as sku 47262. The LED layout is 3x10 instead of the 6x5 shown in the picture, and that accounts for the higher voltage requirements.
    Other than having to purchase another power supply I am happy with the light output. I tried to swap it or the power supply out, but after responding to my first message, I never head back from DX.
  • Excellent Q/P ratio, extremly powerful

    posted by Natopsi

    Very powerful and efficient. The Insulated Metal Substrate is easy to fit on any thermal dissipation device with M3 screws.The warm white color is perfect for domestic lighting.
    If you are searching for high power LED lighting solutions this is a good choice, equivalent to a 500W incandescent light.Also, if driven at low power (5 to 10W) it has an excellent efficiency and thermal dissipation is very easy to achieve.
    I melted some plastic putting it about 1cm on the front of the led.
  • Good 12v LED warm light bar for projects

    posted by Wudan

    Easy to power with 12v sourceLight has a nice warm colourVery bright for sizeSolder pads (-/+) on each side allowing for variety of wiring configurationsPre-drilled holes in aluminium base for mounting or attaching heat sinks
    I run these through SKU: 168324 to easily control brightness.
    Decent LED light bar for project use.Price still a bit expensive considering other alternatives.
  • Would get one again

    posted by thanar

    Bright as the sun, and of a really nice warm white color, no noticeable strange hues.
    This is my first emitter for a DIY project. More specifically, I had an Energizer lantern around that thought it would be better off with a LED lamp. Did not use any driver or additional electronic parts, the lantern is powered by 3x1.5V batteries, could be too much for the emitter if the batteries are new, time will tell.
    I would definitely get a new one if some new batteries toast this baby, since 4.5V is quite more than the rated 3.4V.

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