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led emitter plate 10w

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led emitter plate 10w Customers Reviews

  • yeah, bright!

    posted by brainzilla2

    Huge LED with 3 chains of 3 LEDs each.Needs about 10-11.5V to power it to it's 1A max.With the manufacturer-rated 70lm/W not the latest tech, but pretty good price.You might wanna look into Cree XM-L aswel, although that one will need a 3A driver.Light temperature is cool, but not very blue - between bluish white and neutral I would say.Spill is OK.
    It's bright and cheap and easy to mount - will redo my ceiling-light with some of those...
  • Practical Performance

    posted by hatallica

    This LED is very useful for off-line drivers such as sku.42830 or sku.42745.Has a plated copper baseplate and separate leads. This provides an effective thermal path and makes soldering easier than with a "star".
    The domes of the LED had some blemishes - air bubbles or small contaminants. These did not seem to have any significant affect.I have been using an outdoor lighting application for about 4 months. So far, so good. I am under-driving 2 of these at ~0.7A, and they light up my 20+ meter driveway as well as the old 150W halogen fixture.Color temperature is not unlike the SSC P4 sold on DX. Maybe 6000K to 7000K.
    Good if you want a simple off-line solution, when paired with sku.42830 or sku.42745.XM-L would be preferred if you can use a lower-voltage, higher current driver.
  • Some good

    posted by bideberripe

    Very good amount of light at 9VWell marked terminals
    I bought two units. The first was burned when I applied a voltage of 11V (nominal voltage as published). The other worked fine at 9V, emits a lot of light despite heated so much even with a small sink. Is need a fairly large sink or a fan.Overall looks like a good product. Was shipped about a month after purchase and came about two weeks after to my home in Argentina. The packaging bag into a padded carrying bag.
    Good product if used carefully
  • Works well on solar cell power system

    posted by qwerty12245

    Lots of light for a small cellar room.
    Im running this to light a 5m2 cellar room under cool conditions. Power source is a solar power system, with voltages 12,5-14,5V. Im running it togheter with SKU 13557 for voltage regulation. I mounted it on an aluminum CPU cooling ribs with thermal grease SKU 48429. Runs are usually only a few minutes, but Ive also had run times of a few hours. Light color is probably more to the yellow than warm white.
    Good product under the above stated conditions.
  • Extremely powerful and cheap LED

    posted by damyano

    The LED is cheap. Produces about 800 lumens. The color temperature is good for plant growing - 6500 k. but for the plants it is good to combine it with other color temperatures. I`m using it in combination with other two diodes with different color temperatures and with 12V LED drivers for lighting an aquarium. The light produced by thes LED is poweful. It is strongly recomended using it with a heatsink because this LED produces a large amount of heat, and without heatsink it will burn. You will need of cource and heatsink compound. LED works with voltage between 9 - 11 volts. I`m using two omhs resistor in the + red wire to reduce the voltage to 10v.Here in Bulgaria i cannot find it for sale.
    Buy it!

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